Hatch reels pictures, let see umm.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by liltanker32, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    I will start this off, I have a 4 plus and a 7 plus, Im hooked on these reels thanks to meet john torok the owner at the camp sherman store. was fishing the metolious river and was gonna get a new reel and john happen to be in town, I love these reel so much that I thought it needed its own thread.
  2. blackgrass

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  3. golfman65

    golfman65 Guest

    Might have to get another one in black this time...
  4. Tookes

    Tookes New Member


    Great reels the sealed drags are great for winter in Alaska.
  5. k2flyfisher

    k2flyfisher its taco time. wheres the sauce?

  6. AndreasJ

    AndreasJ Member

    The coolest hats ever k2flyfisher!! :)
  7. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    i love my five plus i just got. gonna add a 9 pus to my new winston spey
  8. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    update just picked up a 9 plus and a pair of the hatch tempest pliers. will post pics tonight some time
  9. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    My 5 plus custom order on a Winston BIII-SX 9'6 6WT = love. uploadfromtaptalk1373404196204.jpg

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  10. Kcahill

    Kcahill Active Member

    They do look good in black...

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