Hatchery Steelhead in the N. Fork Stillaguamish

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Cruik, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. sounds like a good year to explore with beer in hand instead of fly rod..

    Once you learn to 10 holding spots on the stilly you don't have to fish anywhere else on the river.. seriously
  2. If this wasn't said, there would be no discussion. With one local fly shop closing after another over the past 5 years (Kaufmann's, Creekside Downtown, All About the Fly), we are lucky to have the few remaining shops like PFF stay open.
  3. But those 10 spots change from year to year.
  4. I completely agree

  5. I agree with you there. I think pff made some smart business decisions to be able to weather the storm. Only problem is there location. I am in Monroe now and it really sucks having to drive that distance just for simple accessories and stuff. I wish that fly shop in Monroe was still around.
  6. pff is in the perfect location, I can see it from my back porch:)
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  7. Well shit bass turds I can see why you would think that. From now on I will just call you and tell you what I need then you can drop it off at my house on your way out to the sky.
  8. works for me, I may be picking up a two person pontoon tonight too pending the condition of it

  9. DUUUUDE, lets go. I swear I will buy lunch and beer. I am dying to float that river. However, a boat is in next years budget along with a switch setup.
  10. I'll bring my water wings and float next to you guys
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  11. I don't drink but lunch is gravy

  12. Dude, you are a cheap date. I can bring all the gravy you want. I have a nice thermos.
  13. I gotta buy it first tho hahaha

  14. Well whats keeping you. Go get it.
  15. supposed to meet up with denny toghit at 500
  16. Well its 900 now, WHERES THE BOAT?!
  17. In my dads garage :)
  18. I have no room at the condo

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