Hawks 4-0 for first time...

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  1. I know, seriously! Guy's as calm as anything.
  2. That game had to hurt. Can you imagine the tables being turned, like if that happened in Seattle? 20 - 3 lead, you control the game for 3+ qrtrs, hold Wilson to 123 yrds passing, no TD's, an interception.... and you still lose. Ouch!
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  3. Marshon Lynch ran like a man possessed on the last drive. Russell Wilson willed the team to victory and Sherman, well he was just money when he needed to be. First half our linebackers were owned. Second half we owned them with 4 sacks. Team win with a bunch of back up O lineman. I am stoked for them.
  4. If this were closer to the end if the season, I'd say Denver and Seattle in the Super Bowl.

    But it's not so stay tuned.

  5. Denver is troublesome. I believe that Payton is the basic reason.

    I sure would hate to lose to Denver.
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  6. Denver - Deja Vu
    Elway's Broncos lost a playoff game at home that everyone in the country had picked them to win. That game motivated them to two consecutive championships.
    Manning's Broncos lost a playoff game at home that everyone in the country had picked them to win. He's expected to retire after next year.

    I wonder how Chip Kelly likes getting 52 points dropped on him? Karma can be a bitch...
  7. Only time Denver will matter is in the Superbowl. Good thing about that is there is 2wks to prep for that game. This always helps defenses. Give our D an extra week to prep for peyton & Co. and I like our chances
  8. Don't buy those Superbowl tickets yet guys. The 'Hawks still have 12 games to play and 6 of those are on the road and 5 of them in eastern time zones. And then there is the matter of the playoffs to deal with. And of course injuries that can quickly change the composition of the team. It's nice to dream but get real-there is a helluva long way to go.

    Such enthusiasm reminds me of the baseball channels on tv that flash "NO HITTER ALERT" after a guy pitches 5 perfect innings. Give me a break, that's barely half a game. Call me at the end of the 8th.

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  9. Don't sleep on the Pat's ladies. The defense is excellent with 2+ outstanding corners. They are 4-0 w/o Gronk and Amendola. Manning has shown a propensity to throw the big pick in hte big game.

    Go Sox,
  10. Wilfork is done for the yr that D won't hols up to a good running team I'm afraid
  11. I just saw Vince was out. That sucks. They have a new D-line essentially this year. Fortunately they have swithced toa 4-3 so Wilforks absence won't be as awful a blow. We'll see. I love their back 7 and the offense will improve.

    Go Sox,
  12. Holy Catfish!!
  13. Just heard Russell Wilson's knock knock joke for Colin Kaepernick.


    Whos there?


    Foreign who?


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  14. Play of the game, Sherman streakin' 60 yards down the field in his stocking feet and no one close to catching him!
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  15. Not impressed. This team does not feel like a dominant Super Bowl team. The offense often sputters with poor QB play, and seems to be most productive on unscripted scramble passes or penalties. The defense is solid in passing situations, but is vulnerable to a solid running attack. The offensive line lets the QB get hit far too often. Weren't the Cardinals 4-0 last year before opposing defenses figured out they lacked an offensive line?
  16. You know, I'm not either really. They have got to get back to a rolling pocket for Wilson. I hear what you're say'n, and that's not taking away from anything that they've done (coming from behind on the road). But they don't look dominant like past SB teams, or teams like the Pats a few years ago or the Broncos now.

    However, look at what the Giants did the year they beat the Pats, and what the Ravens did last year. The big difference between them and the Hawks, is timing. Giants and Ravens found a way to win at the end of the season, Hawks are doing it at the beginning.

    Maybe what the Hawks need (forgive me Hawk fans) is a good butt whoop'n. Let's see how they bounce back after getting their asses handed to them. Yet with their defense, I almost don't see that happening. I think a really bad loss for the Hawks looks like a 28 - 10 or something similar. I don't see anyone (without multiple key injuries on defense) getting 49 pts scored on them.
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  17. That is what I said about the Niners after the thumpin they put on the Packers, you just never know till they play.
  18. Marshawn ran for 98 behind a o-line with one starter against a solid front 7( one of the best in the league). I was more concerned about the secondary getting owned by Houston in the first half. Just goes to show how important a pass rush is.

  19. If you put Peyton on those New England teams of years gone by, with the protection Brady got they would have won many more super bowls! BRADY WILL FALL, GO HAWKS!
  20. Teams don't get to the Superbowl based on their margin of victory or by how dominant they appear on either side of the ball - only by winning. Whether it's by 3 points (the Seahawks' margin over the Texans) or by 30 (their margin over Denver in the preseason), a win is a win and that's all that matters.

    That said, the Seahawks' trend towards nail-biter, come-from-behind-at-the last-fucking-minute wins since the last half of the 2012 season seems to have become the norm instead of the exception. And remember where that got them against Atlanta in the NFC semi-final game last season. Too little, too late.


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