Headed to the O.P. this weekend.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Breck, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Breck

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    Going to be camping for a buddy's birthday at Mora Campground this weekend. Never spent much time out there this time of year. I know the Bogie & Hoh, etc, don't open until Saturday (06/07). I think I'll pull my drift boat down with me. Can I reasonably expect to be able to find some Summer steelhead and/or spring chinook? Like I said, I have no experience with fishing the O.P. in the Spring/Summer and can't seem to be able to Google up any quality info.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

  2. stilly stalker

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    Youll be close to the mouth of the Sol-Duc. If there are chinook about, thats the river Id be headed to .
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  3. jake-e-boy

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    Src on the hoh if river in shape which it currently appears to be
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  4. stilly stalker

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    black/chartreuse double intruders on T14 on the Sol Duc.......KA-BLAM
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