Heads Up - No Summer Fishing on the Hoh

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Bellows, May 16, 2013.

  1. So, they close the Park, to prevent any incidental mortality on summer kings, a run that used to be awesome and is now reduced to about 600 fish, and the state and tribal co-managers, despite vowing to take some action...fail, er hold on, pardon me I mis-spoke...FAIL!!! To move the river to selective gear for the summer as discussed. But wait there is more, the river will open September 1 to bait, full bore commercial netting and a 2 fish a day sport limit despite most of those critical summer kings still being stuck in the lower river.
    A message to our co-managers,(both sides) the feds have said that we need to do something , anything, to protect this run, when the river closes in a couple of years it is your fault, a completely predictable outcome. How is that management?
  2. Classic. Let 'em get good and kegged up, then kill 'em all. For Christ's sake!

    Here's hoping for an unusually early high water event at the end of August... Seems to me that's the only chance those kings (and our future opportunity) have.

    So, I am confused. Does the first rule (labeled Hoh Mouth) refer to only a section of the lower river that lies within the park boundary, or does it cover the whole lower river? In other words, is the lower river (outside the park) open to steelhead fishing during the summer?
  3. The park is closed, upper and lower. All state water is open for business as usual. As recently as last week word was that it would open under selective gear rules, but apparently the boys in Olympia got their thumb real stuck.
  4. I don't think WDFW knows what management is anymore, if ever. A little unrelated, but at a recent fly club meeting, we had a speaker talking about bass fishing. The biologist from the WDFW happened to be at the meeting, and ended up expressing how great bass fishing can be in western Washington. I was pretty much disgusted with that attitude, as I grew up around here with wonderful beaver pond fishing that have been turned into bass ponds. No more great trout fisheries around here. WDFW doesn't have a clue. I don't think there were any shad in the Columbia a hundred years ago, now there has got to be over 4,000,000. Do you suppose that affected salmon? Dah! Send the bass biologists back to the Midwest!!!!! :mad:
  5. Ah you got to love the states fisheries management. Which consists of harvest as many fish as you can until they are gone then shut it down. Do we even need the wdfw for anything? Seems like a huge waste of money, why not just put certain regs in place on the conservative side and let it role. The police are already doing most of the fish and game enforcement. I mean if the wdfw is not going to enhance or conserve anything then why do they still exist? Its really cheap and easy to just close fisheries and call that managing the resource
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  6. No fan of WDFW but ONP can go screw themselves with this one. How many kings will this save? Likely none and now there is no way of removing hatchery summer-runs from the system (a real threat to wild fish)

    If they follow this line of thinking, will any rivers in the park remain open? Which one is next?
  7. Chris,
    I agree, this will escape some summer hatchery fish and that sucks,and, it will only save a few kings.
    I would guess how ever that it puts quite a bit of pressure on wdfw and the tribe. As far as I am concerned this is a clear statement by the park that the co-managers are failing in their obligation to protect this run.
    It begs the question, are the co-managers waiting for an esa listing to take the whole mess out of their hands? If this does not cause them to act, what will?
  8. Ugh, this totally blows out a trip I've had planned. WTF?!
  9. i'm still trying to figure out how closing a c&r fishery that was already closed to salmon fishing is a statement to wdfw and the tribes about salmon management.

    i have always been a fan of the park and pretty much dismissed much of the talk about the park being unfriendly to recreational interests... but taking this combined with the removal of the waterhole hut (among other issues) i'm starting to rethink my impression of olympic national park.

    this is an agency that still allows barbs, bait, and trebles in the queets but is brave enough to shut down a selective fishery as a statement towards the tribes :rolleyes:

    another fishery gone for no reason.

    and to think we have hope that the elwha will reopen...
  10. Chris,
    These are super valid comments, and should be put to the head of fisheries ant ONP. The department of fish and wildlife should also be asked (by some one besides myself) why they are leaving a fishery open for bait when the park managers, looking at the same data, say its so imperiled that they can not even allow for the possibility of bycatch. These guys should have to answer some questions.
  11. I will, not that it will do any good. It has become pretty clear over the past few years that ONP does not listen to the public.
  12. Well, these are federal guys and so well insulated from the general public that our cries are meaningless...if they even hear them at all.

    Their bureaucratic cousins have "protected" a few other things. Some of those things needed it to be sure. And to be sure they got every last one that needed it, "Blanket Coverage" went into effect.

    You guys that recreate in that area had better keep a close watch and be ready to act quickly or you will have another Puget Sound on your hands. I took a brief hiatus to help my child through her formative years and lost my river. It seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye. Lightning quick it was... Folks don't like to admit to having made a mistake. And when they are buried anonymously in a giant federal bureaucracy it makes it so much easier to ignore the whimpering public. Especially a small section of the public that carries no clout.

    The WDFW is our state advocate for recreational angling opportunities, and a body that gets a little more respect from the feds than some guys whining on a fishing forum. The next commissioners meeting is in Olympia June 7 & 8. Go there, voice your concerns and do a little whining to someone that might be able to make a difference...after all, you will have a "captive audience".
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  13. This means a whole bunch of free time to go Wolf hunting !!!!
  14. What happens when fishery scientists are used as political fodder by those with commercial interests. So long as there is a price tag on their heads, they are doomed.
  15. Some advocate. They manage a river in one of two ways: either dump in a bunch of hatchery fish or shut it down.

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