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    Going to Helena Montana at the end July. I will have only one day to fish. Going back and reading previous posts it seems fishing the Missouri around the Craig area will be my best option. Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I probably will get a guide. Thanks for any help offered. I've only been to Montana once and have never fished. I'm stoked I just wish I had more time!
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    Also any recommendations on guides?
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    Normally, the Trico and Caddis hatch is in full bloom by the end of July and many of the A list guides are booked up months in advance. When I guided, it wasn't unusual for me to have the last 3 weeks of July booked solid by the first of the year.

    There are 3 fly shops in Craig. They all have guides. Calling one of the shops there now -- Headhunters, Cross Currents, or the Trout Shop, would be a good idea.

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    You won't find a harder working, nicer guide than Brooks Jessen, you can book him through A Classic Journey Outfitters website or pm me and I'll give you his phone number. If you book with him tell him the dude sent you! But seriously the guy will bust his tail to get you into fish and keep you laughing all day!
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    Since you are going to be in Helena, why not hop over to Prickly Pear Creek (it is about 8 miles south of Helena via I-5) and fish it in the evening while you are there. It is a nice trout stream with a decent population of 6"-14" fish. It is very easy to get around in it with hip boots or waders and all you need do is read the water and fish old fashioned small wet flies, nymphs, or match the hatch.
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    I think I fished that little creek one time in the middle of summer. It was about 20 years ago. Give or take 10 years.. When one gets old dates don't mean as much as they used to.
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    we have been there maybe 6-8 times and always camped at wolf creek bridge. we tried lots of stuff but the only thing we caught fish on was a lightening bug and a san juan worm with a bead in the middle. the bug had a tungsten bead. and of course a thingamabobber.. i hear it is better cuz of reduced limit, and the whitefish are huge. good luck, mike w
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    Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it.! I like the idea of fishing Prickly pear creek. Whatever I end up doing I'll share when I get back. Thanks James