Hell, I Don't Know

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  1. The old forum had in the right hand corner where the poster was coming from in each post. Now you don't know where they are or what they are asking about. It could be somebody asking about some gear and where to get it at. And be living in Maryland.

    I believe that it was helpful on tell somebody where to go to get it at. Now it looks like we are all living in Washington state. And I know I don't want to live there anymore.
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  2. I liked that feature too, especially in the Classifieds. It was nice to see where people were from, and I would rather do a local pickup for something than pay for shipping from across the country.
  3. Click their name and it comes up...
  4. You don't know nothing bout nothing!
  5. Aha, good to know it's still there!
  6. True, but it was always there. Now there is one more step to mess with. I know I'm lazy. But the other way was simple and I'm a simple guy.
  7. There is nothing simple about you Old Man.

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