Help identify this baitfish?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Troutrageous, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. A coho I caught this past weekend underwent the usual search of the stomach to see if and what it had been eating. When I cut into the stomach I thought I had found a sculpin from the tail, but it kept getting longer and longer as I pulled it out, and I ended up with this fish that was close to 8" . Anyone know what it is? (the pic didn't turn out great, but it's all I got). There were some tiny spikes left from what must have been a long fin along the dorsal before it underwent partial digestion. P8250055.JPG
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  2. A really long goby?
  3. I was gonna say a Bay Goby, a particularly long specimen maybe?
  4. Baby lingcod? Lotta weird shit out there
  5. In before someone says Atlantic salmon...

    Just curious how big was the coho?
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  6. I did a search and it looks like pictures I found. Snake Stickleback ?
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  8. Snake prickleback! That's awesome Eric.
  9. Sweet, thanks.
    Kcahill, the coho was around 22 or 23", the baitfish certainly seemed like it would have been a little big for that fish to eat, but it was still willing to take a fly, so it must have been doing alright!
  10. Where's the fly for that thing?
  11. A big flatwing is the first thing that came to my mind.
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  12. Doublestack some clousers or flatwings!
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  13. Eric,
    Perhaps these are more of a food source for coho then thought.
    There was a snake prickleback in a coho I cleaned this morning.
  14. Time to get serious about tying up snake prickleback patterns.
  15. I got bored.

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  16. Good job on the tye. I can't find much info on the Pickleback. I would like to see how big the population is in the Sound. We do know there are 2 less;)
  17. Cool tie, plaegreid, though to match the one I found I think you'd need to double the length. That said, I would gladly fish that fly.

  18. I figure there have to be little ones out there, right?

    And I don't know how well it fishes, but I'll let y'all know when I try it out. Think I might want to throw some softex or something on about 3/4 of the mid-section to keep it all together.
  19. How would you cast a 10" long fly with 2 hooks from fouling every cast?

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