Help identify this old fly reel?

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  1. Exterior:
    It's a single action narrow spool, one piece foot/cage casting of aluminum.
    It has a polished line guide that appears to have been pressed in between the cage casting.
    The spool features a marbled winding knob with a polished chrome support cup beneath.
    Spool is also cast machined aluminum, approximately 3" in diameter, 13/16" wide, 2-3/4" diameter, held in place with a single slotted screw.

    The center post is brass, appears to be pressed into the aluminum housing.
    At six o' clock is what appears to be a zinc disc attached to the back of the cage by unknown means.
    The "drag" mechanism is unique (IMO), consisting of a curved flat brass arm riveted to the rear of the cage, and ending in a rounded cylindrical pad that rubs against the rear surface of the spool to prevent over-run. It is attached with 2 tiny rivets.

    There is a single logo raised into the rear inside casting of the cage, that will be the major clue to manufacturer's identity. See attached photos for detail of above described features.

    That's about all I can offer, other than the reel came from the estate of a man who began flyfishing as a poor lad on Long Island N.Y. in the 20's.

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  2. My guess would be an Ocean City reel. I have an Ocean City no. 35 which is almost an match for yours except my doesn't have the holes in the spool.
  3. OC-Sturdibilt-Wanita-w[1].jpg Thanks for the lead. I'll try picking up the trail from there, and report back what (if anything) I can find. It would be revealing if the cryptic raised lettering inside the cage was "OC".

    Update: Based upon comparative photographs, the sample is almost surely an Ocean City "Wanita", manufactured from 1924 forward. No particular collector value, but is fully functional 80 years after manufacturing! Photo of the one used for comparison above:
  4. Ocean City. An old one. Heavy. I still have an OC 35.
  5. Jack, hedburner,
    Just curious--do either of your Ocean City reels bear the cryptic stamping inside that I pictured in the final photo? I'm thinking mine is from the 30's +- some years. Not heavy in the hand like a Pfleuger 1492, but solid nonetheless.
  6. Greg,
    I just took my Ocean City 35 apart to oil it and I noticed the cryptic stamping you asked about. It's there.
  7. Jack,
    Thanks for the confirmation.

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