Help my leader keeps breaking....

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ptphisher, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. So many times last season and now this season I have lost salmon to my leader breaking. sometimes its at the hook eye and others at the base of the perfection loop knot. is it my tying? the type of leader or just plain bad luck? Is use 12 lb straight Rio leader. LDR a 2-3 lb salmon this AM because of this today. i hope to be able to remedy this before the season really picks up. Please help!
  2. First thing, ditch the Rio. Use Maxima Ultragreen. Use a straight section of 10-12 lb using a perfection loop on the line end and a non slip loop knot on the fly end. The fish aren't leader shy. If you want to use fluorocarbon, use Seaguar.
    Moisten your knots with spit before cinching them down. Practice tying knots while sitting in front of the tube in the evening.
    Watch your backcast as well. You may be dinging the beach on your backcast, thus weaking your leader.
    Last time I can remember getting broken off was about six years ago, I got lazy and didn't check my leader after a few fish. Coho number four said good bye with my clouser.
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  3. I agree with Stonefish. I think it is real important to check leaders and retie knots kinda often. I am a pathologic knot re-tier.

    And as is stated below, I like the surgeon's loop.
  4. Never a perfection loop in any light leader for me. A non-slip loop knot or a surgeons loop. Can not use too much spit. Ultra Green here also.
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  5. I agree with the others and will also add that you let the rod take all the shock by always keeping a 45 degree sideways flex. Avoid a straight line from your reel to the fish especially with flourocarbon leaders. Also old leader gets brittle particularly if it's been in the sun.

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  6. buy new leader
    old floro breaks
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  7. In my limited experience, fluoro seems to break at the knots more often. Due to the lack of stretch, it can break more easily in the middle of your non-slip loop, right where it passes thru the hook eye. I've lost a couple of nice fish that way.
    I'm going back to Ultragreen, although I still have some 3X (6 lb test) and 2X (8 lb test) fluoro that I like for cutthroat in the creeks, and lake fishing, as it sinks faster than Ultragreen.
    I had the 8 lb test 2X Rio Fluoroflex break in the center of the loop on a nice fish that was maybe 18" or so. Also, the 3X Fluoroflex has broken at the knot more than any other 6 lb test that I have used. That was both non-slip mono loop knots, and double uni knots, and anything resembling a clinch knot. That hasn't ever happened to me using Ultragreen. I think its due to the fluoro's lack of stretch.
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  8. What length leader are you guys running when using straight 10-12# Maxima? Normal lengths like 7-8'?
  9. 6ish for me with a clear intermediate line. I usually replace it when it gets down to about 4ft. Check out the leader thread from a week or so ago for lots of options.

    Edit: Other thread here.
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  10. Sorry, double post.
  11. All that is needed has been said. Lubed knots of comfort and confidence on fresh tippet and fresh leaders that are protected by your equipments drag and flex will put the fish on the barbie. This thread is money!
  12. I agree with the Maxima UG, its a great line. I use it for salmon and steelhead gear fishing.
  13. I agree with the Maxima UG. It is great stuff. I occasionally use fluorocarbon for cutts.
  14. Thanks everyone, that's it i am putting my floro in my SRC pile and getting some maxima UG more heart breaking loses for this guy.. Maybe I can start a new post later talking about how the Maxima UG has caught me so many fish :)
  15. Folks have said 10-12lb UG but I go big and use 15lb UG and think you'd like it too. Easier to untie wind knots, awesome abrasion and fish tooth resistance, and turns over large flies better. Only drawback is that perhaps it sinks a little slower than lighter leaders. Try it!
  16. One other thing could be that your drag is set too tight. I fish with a light drag and tighten it accordingly after the hook-up. Of course, I lost two fish this morning but that was primarily due to stupid inattention.
  17. I lost a really nice King two years ago gear fishing (trolling) in Willapa Bay when I tightened down my drag just a little bit. Bad mistake! (what then happened, was the King came up to the top and jumped, landing on my 25# test Ultragreen leader and snapping it).
  18. I'm surprised no one said "check your hook eyes to see if they are rough". I've had sharp edges on hook eyes that cut leaders.
  19. Maxima Ultragreen, nuff said.

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