Help support Fish Not Gold eliminate the damage caused by Hobby Miners to our streams

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Fish Not Gold, May 22, 2014.

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  1. Yet I'm sure if PETA and some fishing related organization had a discussion about the good that can come from a catch and release fishery, they'd have actual facts supporting their claim.
    Instead we have dredge miners like Ron, trying to distract people away the scientific facts that Kim, Kent, and others have had to repeat many times.

    On second thought that does sound like something PETA would do.
    So good job Ron, you are essentially equivalent to PETA now.
    Doesn't quite have the same ring. Don't forget to shout it over and over... nah you're not going to forget
  2. The problem here isn't me, and I could care less what you people do! I used to fish every freaking day and I loved it.
    Here's a sample, it's an article from the Seattle Weekly in 2006...
    Do your own research for the rest of the details, these people have wasted too much of my time, which I will never get back :(

    Does Kimberlee McDonald's case reveal prosecutors bent on revenge or a con artist working the system?

    I have tried to be nice and I have made it crystal clear that I wanted my info off their website... leave this private citizen alone!
    I shouldn't have to look over my shoulder when I'm doing something that's legal and that's their intention. If you support that, any of you, then shame on you!!!
  3. Nice work Ron, you have shown that you are the type of person that needs a step ladder to reach the gutter. Move on, you have done yourself no favors here nor changed anyone's mind. We now know who you are and how low you will go. There are very few people in this world that I would not share a day on the water fishing with. You sir, are one I would choose not to fish with.

    Time to step up the pressure on power dredging in sensitive waters and force hobby miners to abide by the law.
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  4. You are right. He is not a coward. He is lower than a coward. A pathetic individual, Gollum like.
  5. Interesting read. I don't see how that would affect anyone's position on mitigating the effect of dredge miners in sensitive ecosystems. Keep shouting though.
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  6. Ron:

    From what I understand you're angry over a picture of your notice of claim which has been posted in some of the Fish Not Gold sites. As you know, this Notice of Claim is a public record. In whatever FNG site it was posted, it was used as an example of the requirements miners must do and to help folks be aware of where mining sites are here in Washington. No ill will was intended.

    It seems you have dredged up something about my life which is over 20 years old, which is also a public record.

    I have tried to keep our discussions civil with the understanding that disagreements are part of the American polical process. It's what makes this a great system.

    No one at Fish Not Gold is making this personal about you.

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  7. Damn Ron! Are you sure you don't live and work in DC? You would fit right in, it's not about proving your side is right it's about discrediting the other side in hopes that people will forget the issue at hand and just follow you blindly down the path.

    Way to swim in the slime!
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  8. It's just politics folks ,pick your side and start throwing the mud.
  9. I still would like to see some pictures of the destruction the miners are causing along with the locations of where the photos were taken.

    I am now interested in mining for gold. It sounds like a kick in the ass.

    Can I rent or buy a dredge on the cheap? I'd love to rent so I can easily get rid of it if I don't like it.
  10. This thread would be a lot funnier if it wasn't about fucking up stream beds for personal profit.
  11. I bet the best most any of the dredgers do is barely break even. Making such an accusation would be like insinuating that sport fisherman save money and get cheap fish by catching it themselves.

    Guys like me who actually catch lots of fish, sure, but for guys like you......:cool:
  12. Even more reason to just leave the bottom of the streambed alone.
  13. Wow, that's some pretty heavy stuff... and to think I was considering donating some money on the FNG site.

    Switching gears, we just got back from a weekend at Long Beach and we saw a couple of guys running a small mining operation on Benson Beach (what we've always known as Fort Canby). They were digging up dark black sand from 3+ feet down up along the high tide line and running it through a small washboard set-up that had what looked to be a boat bilge pump hooked up to a car battery and CPVC pipes. I couldn't help but think this was illegal, being a state beach and all, but apparently it is legal. The holes they dug were not any worse than those left by kids building driftwood forts and all the mounds of sand would soon be washed flat by the next tide... pretty environmentally friendly it seems. Still, I'm sure someone will consider it unsightly and decide that's an axe they'll take the time to grind... its what some do for a hobby...if not a living ;).
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  14. Terms of service should be followed.
    Sometimes pride should be swallowed.
    If you are just writing to one or two, use the conversation feature.
    That keeps the personal bullshit out of the public thread.

    Everyone mind your manners and enjoy a civil discourse.
    That is how good conversations and progress, in whichever corner you stand, is accomplished. Let's leave the personal attacks and mudslinging, by each of you taking that route, to the politicians. No room for such drivel here.
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