Hevi Beads

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  1. I put beads ahead of my trailing hooks on small intruders. Like an egg gobbling prawn or something
    Im not ashamed at all
  2. you are right I did miss the emoticon. I guess its time I get some glasses.
  3. I think the way they attach to your leader - rubber band through the center of the bead - might be an interesting way to weight your leader, if they made a flat gray bead... though I'd hate to give up my tungsten tacky weight, as I'm currently "supplementing" my dental plan by using it to patch my fillings.
  4. I did not realize what a gem this thread was and am sorry to say I have not read it until today. This beats wolves, cougars and otters three ways to Sunday. Two thumbs up for hevi-beads whatever they are.
  5. Uh oh Zen, you're really gonna piss off Old Man bringing up old threads. It's 1 of his 50,000 pet peeves.
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  6. What's those pills that keep us old geezers regular? Doane's pills??? I think his main issue is irregularity and if dealt with properly might make him a candidate for Santa Claus this winter with lots of little kids sitting in his lap.
  7. Let's keep this thread at the top so Dustin Chromers gets spammed with emails and comes back with his comedy gold.
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  8. what would you all like to know about the beads in question?
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  9. Ladies and gentlemen, the prodigal son has returned.
  10. Dustin Chromers, throwin' ropes using beads.

    Err ropin' chrome with beads.

    Or something :)
  11. Oh yes, I haven't checked in lately as I've been out dusting steel or as I like to call it redneck meditation. I'm beginning to wonder if this brand of bobber I've been using is actually meant to float because everytime I cast it it's either getting toggled or sinking, maybe thats just what happens when you fish a spot called "the preacher" where every time your bait passes through it gets "touched". I've been sliding those glass beads down on top of my secret sauce, it takes the slack out of the leader and sometimes picks up those soft biting springers. Sorry to post on an old thread but I couldn't resist, and I've been checking in occasionally and this is one of my favorite forums, keep it classy WFF!
  12. I've not tried them myself (yet) but there is a good article in this month's Salmon, Trout Steelheader magazine. Even talks about some tips for rigging the beads so you don't get branded as a 'snagger' by fish and game.

  13. That's good - Salmon & Steelhead magazine is the trusted source for novelty free fishing techniques.....
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  14. To be fair they did have a great article citing Mr. Loomis himself basically ripping the wdfw for their steelhead/salmon hatchery practices.
  15. On the contrary, I think you'll find a LOT of "beaders" on this board....for the same of discussion that is.
  16. What an interesting viewpoint. Thanks so much for adding...

    Nope, actually, just want to make fun of you.

    How's the weather over there in your realm?
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