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  1. Hi everyone I'm new to the site and wanted to introduce my self. My name is Eric, I enjoy long walk's next to a stream on mid temp day's, My favorite color is a blueish green. I tend to like water that is more moving as the heart like to see the water pass it by. I been told I have a big rod and that I play with it to much, which I am sure is true. But all joking a side I would like to join the group Private fishing report and information. I am a very open person and it seems that my open ness has landed me with people telling me not to post stuff where everyone can see. I don't know how to join this group but it said to introduce my self and that is what I am doing I am guessing a invite will be sent, finger crossed. if I haven't rubbed anyone the wrong way. Well I hope to join the group and to get to know ALL the people I can and to share pic's and stores. So drop me a line and introduce your self or send me a pm. I hope to make some new friends.
  2. I see a lot of ppl are stoping to see the post don't be shy say hi!!lol Just trying to make friends and get to know people though I have seemed to do some of that already! So even if you have said hi before go a head and say it again and tell me your name while you are at it.
  3. welcome Eric! we need to start a private group for Eric's. seems to be quite a few of us on here.
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  4. Welcome.
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  5. Hi. You have tons of good fishing within two hours of you, so enjoy.
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  6. Welcome.

    We have some professional crouches here. Don't let them bother you.
  7. Welcome!
  8. lol well glad I could be here and guess are mom's just like the name and I didn't help none as my son is also named Eric
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  9. Thanks for the welcomes and I hope you guys enjoy what I have to say and share and for those of you who don't please pay me no mind.lol I do talk a lot.
  10. yes there is and I have tried to start to enjoy it though I am a river and creek kind of guy. So I have spent more time in idaho.lol
  11. Welcome. Steve's the only "crouch" we have on the forum, the rest of us are mostly grouches... particularly when the rivers are closed.
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  12. Welcome. Make sure to put your location in your profile so we know where you are. And a picture of you in case we ever see you in public. Post all of your questions and answers in the public forum. That is why we joined this site. The adventurous people here already know the "secret" spots. The others are too lazy to go.
  13. Howdy. There is a vast wealth of flyfishing and flytying knowledge in this place.
    ...there are members here from all over the world. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best damned flyfishing site on The Internet.

    It isn't uncommon for a lot of views with not so many responses. Some folks, including myself, use the "like" function so they don't need to make a post in response. You will end up with "likes" indicating who liked your post but they my not post anything in response. That's how this place rolls... and I like it. :)
  14. We also have our fair share of fly fishing celebrities here too;) I've been enjoying GAT's cartoons for many years, reading boots fantastic fiction for many years in mags, marveled at itchydogs children's books on store shelves, just to name a few of the people who frequent this forum. It's my favorite forum also, mostly because the people and places are familiar to me.
  15. Well I can't wait to get to know everyone. And I hope maybe to see some of you on the water someday too.
  16. There you go and I will get a pic up soon. Just trying to find one where you can see who I am.lol
  17. That's the difference between a professional and an amateur. I'm obviously an amateur.

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