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  1. I know for some of you this might not be that big of deal, but for some reason this is the first year it has ever happened for me; I landed all 5 species of Pacific salmon on the fly rod this year. I hit my last one, a chum in the salt out of Chico and even though it happened almost two months ago Travis's post about his resolution reminded me that I wanted to share my triumph with the rest of you. Most importantly though I wanted to take the time to thank those from the forum who were responsible/with me during each catch.

    Top on this list is Nick Clayton, who talked me into hitting the beach for Silvers this year. My first trip out I managed to hook one fairly early on but the fish threw the hook. I was relegated to the beach itself, because the tide was ripping pretty quick and I didn't have a stripping basket. Luckily for me Nick blew his waders out which put him on the beach and I was able to use the basket. Not long after that I managed to land my first beach silver. Part of my reluctance in the past to fish the beaches was lack of action, but I quickly figured out that I could slow my retrieve down and keep myself wonderfully entertained by hitting sculpin. Great day and the folks back where I was camping that night love the BBQ coho. A few weeks later Nick took me out on his boat with him, and once again we managed to catch some sculpin... err I mean flounder... err I mean another type of flounder... err I mean my first saltwater fly caught king! Oh and we landed some silvers as well. Another incredible day. Lastly, he took me with my limp and all out to Chico where I managed to land some stupidly hard fighting Chums. What a zoo that was but well worth it. To avoid the crowds, Nick even took a nice wade swim.

    Next up would be troutpocket and Mark Kraniger. I know for some of you, my next species would not count as a true Pacific species because I caught it in a lake but I don't really care. In the Summer I made it down to Central Oregon to meet up with Mark and troutpocket to fish. We started at Crane and fished it a couple of days before making our way to East lake. After some exploring I found a middle lake ridge that held Sockeye (aka Kokanee) that happily took a fly. We ended up with bows, browns, chub, sockeye, and for one of the Plus's, Atlantic Salmon at that lake.

    When PT offered up an open seat to fish for Pinks out in the salt I grabbed it up quick. What a hoot that day was. PT brought along a friend of his and we ended up with several triples and a bunch more doubles. I think for me the highlight was PT catching the first fish of the day out in 800' of water. He had just unstrung his rod, was a bit distracted by something I was doing and his fly dropped into the water. I looked over just in time to watch a Pink come up and nail it right at the boat. PT is a master, he doesn't even need to cast. Tenkara pinks!

    Now I know that according to some threads another of my bonuses can't actually be counted as fly fishing, because I used an indicator to catch it. I managed to sprain my ankle pretty bad in early October so I thought for sure my streak of catching a fall steelhead for the last 10 years was over because river walking was out but somehow I managed to rationalize a trip out with Evan Burck. The hike down the steep slope in the dark wasn't nearly as bad as trying to dance the river rock waltz. Evan let me use his Center Pin outfit and after some trial and error I managed some good floats which netted me my first steelhead fishing that method. After that I returned to my indicator versus float roots and managed to land a few more steel that day plus two kings.

    Even though there were no salmon involved in this trip, it was a trip finally meeting up to fish with triploidjunkie and Enlightened this year. I caught some nice smallies and trout out of Rufus, some nice brookies out of another lake (that was a chironomid day), some bass on leeches at another, bows and a crawdad at another and after driving through a literal wall of rain some good cuts at Omak.

    Oh and Travis, not to take away your glory, but this was year two for me with a fish in every month, a goal I plan on continuing for years to come.

    I also like to throw out a thanks to other members of the forum I've met up with this year on the water, every encounter has been positive and I look forward to meeting more this next year.
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  2. Good for you Ira!
  3. Even though I didn't fish with you this year Mr. P it was great to meet you!
  4. It was great fun being able to take part in your quest. There were several memorable fish but your Babe Ruth silver was my favorite. I got the big boat out of the shop and running great so its ready for more salty adventures in 2014

    But why on earth did you have to bring up my little swim???
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  5. It hasn't been a fishing trip until someone takes a swim.
  6. You had your favorites, I had mine! Ok the Babe Ruth was awesome, but my flounder out chumming was a highlight as well.
  7. We had a great time fishing with you. You know if you want to use that rez permit again before it expires, my couch is always open:) Merry Christmas!
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