Historic Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Pattern Faceto Face Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Sorry to hear that Larry, I was looking forward to meeting you. We'll meet up at a beach this winter. If you're still interested in the swap, we can swap addresses and treat it like a mail swap.

    Here's my flies for the swap. Nice weather we're having.
  2. Hey, those are looking good Steve. I'm still in the swap. If Ron McNeal is still heading over, he could deliver/pickup for me possibly if I can twist his arm. Yes, we should go hit a beach sometime together. After this week, it appears to be a long winter!
  3. you'll be missed Larry
  4. I just finished tying Ferguson Green and Silver patterns(see attachments) for the swap. I used SFL(synthetic living fibre) dubbing in Fl. line green for the body head and white artic fox tail for the wing and tail with a little pearl Krystal Flash over the top.

    Looking forward to the swap!

  5. Roger, Looking good
  6. Glad to see people are making headway on tying for the face to face. I am suggesting that we meet at my house at 4PM. I have arranged to have some good BBQ for the swap. I will also have some great local beer. I caught hell for not inviting a good friend to the swap who is a master tier. He has been included (host discretion) and he will tie a Bucktail Coachman. He is a WFF stalker who goes by "reelin-n-dealin". If you have time to tie one more fly that is great. If not, he is happy just to be included. I will have some space set up to tie so if you want to tie some flies, feel free to bring your vise and materials. More details coming soon. I am excited to see you all. Dry Fly Larry, understand your situation and am disappointed you won't be here. Steve and I will catch up with you on the Canal sometime soon. Please feel free to pm me if you have any special food needs.
    Good tying. Steve
  7. Sorry to hear you can’t make it Larry I was looking forward to meeting you, maybe there will be other opportunities.
    Great looking Ferguson Roger I’m looking forward to the Face to Face as well.
    No problem at all Steve we welcome your friend Reelin another excuse for me to tie more of these.

  8. I heard about this and say we let him in!
    Can everyone please twist up one more fly?
    I assumed Larry is still mailing me his flies??
  9. LOL.

    No she's fine Kelvin although she does run away from me when she see's me with scissors:clown:

    I can't wait to meet everyone and their patterns and for the extra guest I'll bring some extra flies or he can have Larry's :clown:.

    Sorry you won't be making Larry.
  10. We need photos posted of this historic event, LOL Plz post
  11. Kelvin,

    Yes I will be mailing my flies in. I am so..........o disappointed I can't make it, to meet the guys I haven't met. My weekends are eaten up now, temporarily that is. No! I am not giving up my historic flies! You can give them to Ron McNeal, as he will deliver them to me.
  12. there are going to be good

    Preston has generiously offer to do a presention on the life cycle of a Sea Run Cutthroat
    should be great

    Steve we need your address and list of what else besides flies you want us to bring
  13. Kevin -
    I agree it should be a great time! How many flies do we each need to bring? 12?

    Can bring some smoked kokanee for snacking

  14. Should be 12 flies, 11 for original swap +1... unless I'm missing somebody.

  15. 12 flies we added one person
    Jimmy M from Patrick's Fly Shop
  16. Looking forward to the Face to Face and your smoked Kokanee Curt. Unless I missed it I’m assuming Steve will PM us for an address and a time to meet.
  17. Guys, I am really excited. Start time is around 4PM.

    Address: Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle
    4111 Woodlawn Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98103

    I will have dinner with BBQ Brisket Sandwiches, Baked Beans and Cole Slaw. Beer will be available on tap. I will have bottled water. Appetizers, munchies are welcome. Curt, the smoked Kokanee sounds awesome. If you enjoy wine, feel free to bring a bottle.

    Looking forward to Preston talking about SRC. Feel free to bring your vise and some materials. We have some room to tie if you feel inspired.

    Jimmy is bringing containers for the flies. Anyone who feels like taking some photos of the flies, please bring your camera.

    Any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  18. FLASH NEWS!!! I get to come! I quit my part-time brainless job, so I'll be there. Yes!
  19. AWESOME!
    Can I have your autograph?

  20. I am bringing some food too

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