Hitting the Puy Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Got off work, finished all my daddy do for today!

    Need to get out and have some fun in the morning. Don't care if they are pinks and starting to turn, just need to feel a tug on the end of the spey!
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  2. Daughter off to school..check
    Wife off to work.........Check
    Dog fed and done his duty..Check
    Dishes in Washer.........Check
    Truck loaded with spey gear...double check

    Off to the river! ya see a goof ball in bright green hat around 128th, it is me! It attracts the fish! NOT, but I look good

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  3. Good luck!

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  4. I drive down river road every morning, I'll be on the lookout for ya today. Hope it's an open day (I assume you checked) I know they've had the lower river closed a lot for netting... Good luck!

  5. Formerguide,

    I am fishing way above that area, I am below where the Carbon dumps in, so I am safe.

    Was a great day, arm is sore from strong arming them darn pinks!

    The rod was over kill, but took my 12'6" 7/8 GL Roaring River. Wanted to try a few lines on it and had awesome time. Hooked an outlandish amount of pinks, even hooked 2 older coho. You could say I hooked 3, cause I am sure I caught the same one twice, unless two fish had the same hook stuck to its left side about half way down the body. Stupid me, I unhooked my fly, then went to get my pliers to remove that darn hook and the salmon slipped away between my legs, both times! DEDEDE

    Sounds light, but most of the day I used my 390 Skagit switch, 6' T8, 3' leader. This combo was easy to cast, short stroke, and would get easy 60-80 foot casts. Where I am fishing, didn't need to cast that far, but was fun doing it. Most casts were around 40'.

    Tried my 525 Skagit flight with all kinds of tips, worked well, also tried my 510 scandi, little heavier than liked but it would fly
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