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  1. Wups posted on accident
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  2. A+ thread. Would read again
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  3. I read it 3 times! Lets get this thread going...
  4. Great insight! Fantastic. Must read. Hah
  5. Where is the Hoh River location and what are the flies that are to work?!!
  6. Purple mountain grass shrimp nymphs are a staple foodsource.
  7. The road to the river is blown out. Otherwise you just have to walk up to the bank and say, "Here, fishy fishy" and they jump right into your arms.
  8. My head always goes into the gutter when I think of the Hoh River.
  9. I was going to post some links to the hoh river closure and ask for a little email writing assistance and thought "wait maybe I should check the main page to see if someone already did..."

    Accidentally hit Create thread instead. Wups.

    Did everyone fire off an email or at least read some of what Kerr and Steinbaugh had to say?
  10. My head briefly rises out of the gutter when I think of Hoh...
  11. Yep. Got a few buddies to do the same.
  12. When I hear "hoh" I think about a truly amazing and diverse river system that's only excuse for not meeting escapement goals is over harvest and poor management philosophy. And I also think about chinook grabs.

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  13. Ahhh yes........ spring is here.....now I'm interested.

    And I should flag you for posting a filthy picture such as that...

    I hate you! :)
  14. I liked this thread better when it wasn't about anything.
  15. How about Humptwolips?
  16. Double post.
  17. I think it is ironic that they claim they closed the river in the spring summer to protect the very fish posted in a hero shot in this thread that weren't supposed to be targeted. I ain't judging, but it is obvious that unofficial c&r fisheries exist and wdfw doesn't like it at all.
  18. May 16-August 31 salmon season. Release Wild chinook.

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  19. I thought that the stretch of river that was listed in the regs as legal to fish for salmon still is. I thought the part that was always illegal to target salmon is now closed to all fishing, even for trout. Therefore, the location in which you are holding that fish should still be open because it isn't inside the park boundary where the new closure takes effect and where salmon fishing has always been illegal. I am probably wrong about this, keeping all these rules straight is damn near impossible.

    I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers here. I just know a lot of people intentionally target kings while "trout" fishing out there and it pisses off WDFW. I am no judge in this. I may be a bit guilty of this myself, I just keep it on the DL when I am steelhead fishing and hook into a nice king or three.
  20. the closure of the hoh inside the national park isn't because people are "targeting" kings while "trout" fishing. it's a feel good measure that will result in approx. zero saved kings. i agree with the piling on the wdfw and the tribe for their management of the lower river, but letting the park off the hook for closing their sportfishery is imo a mistake.

    they know closing the upper watershed will not save any kings from hooking mortality.

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