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  1. I agree 100%. I realize this is an arbitrary closure. My point is, I know people who do get into these kings. I know people who get into closed kings all over the state and it probably isn't wise to discuss these types of fisheries on the internet or anywhere because you may catch the Eye of Sauron. Something or somebody drew their attention and it wouldn't surprise me if it was a sports fisherman bragging his ass off or someone who saw sport fishermen lighting up on closed kings too many times.

    My other point is, if you previously caught a king on the Hoh in waters open to salmon fishing, you shouldn't act like you lost a fishery, because you didn't. If you target trout and summer runs in the park, than you should be sad and believe me I am sad about this.
  2. i don't want to put words in your mouth, but it seems like you are saying that people are targeting kings in the national park on the hoh in the summer. is that what you are saying? or are you talking about people targeting kings in closed water elsewhere?

    i haven't heard or seen of anyone targeting kings inside ONP on the hoh... where this closure occured and where we should stay focused on.
  3. The reality is no one is fishing it. Except the tribe. And without SOME sort of enforcement the run is gonna be completely exasperated in short order. From my personal fishing over the last 4 years the tribe doesn't take days off. Whether they have a "ceremonial" permit or they just feel like fishing.... They never stop netting the hoh river chinook.... And the downriver winter steelhead, wild summer steelhead and whatever hatchery strays they nab along the way.

    Meanwhile sporties get shafted. It makes me sick. I'm also not too worried about posting a legally caught and legally harvested hatchery spring chinook on the internets. The river could use a few more eyes on the water. Just make sure your phone is charged and you have the correct phone numbers to report illegal netting to the authorities. (That was a joke btw)

    Write your letters.

    Ask for answers. Who is monitoring this fishery? What is the allowable impact on wild winter steelhead and wild summer steelhead? What is the process for receiving a ceremonial permit and who monitors take in this fishery? Is there any data available for sport angler creel reports? With hoh river natives struggling, why is there essentially a bait and barbs/gill net fishery on sol duc hatchery fish in the lower hoh river???
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  4. Hooked my first steelhead on a spey rod in that there run--such a nice one. Lost that fish after about 2 flipping seconds, but I can't wait to get back out there. Noice fish!
  5. One good outcome here is that because of this action by Olympic National Park the other managers are being held in the spotlight of public scrutiny. Would anyone have bothered to call, email and write to the WDFW Commission or the WDFW staff managers if this had not happened? I doubt it. People would have gone on fishing up the upper Hoh River this summer, and they would never have said a word. And yes, I do think that this will take some pressure off of this pitiful remnant run of fish, especially in the spawning reaches that we should not be fishing on at all. It will provide sanctuary for wild spawning Chinook salmon. With things as bad as they are for wild fish in the Hoh River, I feel that WDFW is decades behind the realities. Maybe this new action will be embarrassing enough to force the WDFW staff to at least go to all barbless, no bait, selective gear rules overall. I too am disappointed over the loss of some of my own recreational fishing up there. But when will we fishermen get it that years of lost escapements, failed runs, winnowing the fish down to single percentage numbers of historic abundance, simply will not last. We may have already lost them. Would you rather see the entire river closed? That may happen anyway. We do bear some of the responsibility for this.
  6. WDFW and the Tribe can barely come to agreement on the winter steelhead harvest management plan. The ONP has watched this happen for years and this looks to be a calculated closure to force the issue of actually managing a run.

  7. The Mouth of the Hoh is managed under the authority of the ONP and was open to targeting Chinook prior to the closure.
  8. true, i've been focused on the closure that consists of more than a couple hundred yards of river. if the park had just closed this stretch i would have no problems with it... but the feel-good closure of the upper watershed to steelhead fishing is still total BS

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