Hoh wading this weekend

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jordy Jordan, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Jordy Jordan Panama Red

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    Hey -

    I'm going to fish the Hoh for the first time this weekend. I would appreciate any good camping recommendations and places along the river to start wading. I'm not looking for your secret spot but rather a spot that is actually decent to wade. I'm new to the area and I appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks in advance!

    Also - I will be leaving from the Seattle area on Saturday morning around 8AM if anyone is interested in tagging along. I've got room for two more and gear.

  2. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    It may be a bit tough to find some open runs but, on the plus side, you will quickly see where the popular sections are. If you do not have one already, invest in a Washington Gazzetter (topomap/road guide) -- it will serve you very well locating waters all over the state. Good luck!
  3. Salmo_g Active Member

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    Camping at Minnie Peterson's on the upper Hoh road is good. Good gravel bar access is between there and the smaller Willoughby Creek campground downstream. And the public access at Morgan's Crossing has a nice gravel bar for wading too. None of these are secret spots, and if you're leaving Seattle at 8 AM, they will have been fished at least 50 times by the time you get there, so you may have the water to yourself.

    Good luck, cuz under these circumstances you'll likely need it.

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  4. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Check the flows also... They are looking at nearly 2 more inches of rain in them hills.... The spots you are looking at will probably be the consistency and color of chocolate milk....
  5. JesseC Active Member

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    You're not going to be fishing this weekend. Sorry... but the water is going to be mud.
  6. Jordy Jordan Panama Red

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    Well thanks for the advice - it looks like it's not worth making the trek out there. Any areas worthy of fishing this weekend?
  7. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    where are you located?
  8. Jordy Jordan Panama Red

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    Seattle but I'm willing to do a bit of driving.
  9. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Dam controlled river like the Cowlitz. NF Lewis may be an option. Check the flows and be prepared to get wet and for the wind, but you should be able to fish at least.
  10. Steve Knapp Beach Bum

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    I just got home from Forks. Had a good day on the water yesterday, although no fish. I was supposed to fish through Sunday... hahahaha. Got up this morning and headed to the Hoh, looked at the river for about 2 seconds... turned around, checked out of my hotel and hit the road. Forecast said another 1.5" of rain over the weekend. Guess I shouldn't book trips a month in advance anymore. Lesson learned.
  11. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    Steve, i wish I didn't have to book trips that far out either, but the necessities of life have a way of doing that to you. I was supposed to be out there today, but decided to call it off yesterday. While I'd rather be fishing than sitting at my desk, I would not want to be fishing a blown out river. I often wish I could just 'go with the flow' and fish when it's good, but a job, wife and kid doesn't mix well with that!

    And for Jordy - You can find a lot by just driving along the roads and looking for spots where people are pulled off. Key is just to get out there and do it, but likely not this weekend!
  12. Dan Cuomo Active Member

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    Waded the Hoh on the 8th, Last chance to get on the Hoh for me this season; which has not been as good as one might have hoped. That said, time well spent on a beautiful river is always a blessing and I did manage to land one last fish on this precious water. The Hoh is absolutely my favorite OP river; big, burly, and wild.

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