Hohdown, March 19

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  1. Sg, totally in agreement with you on Jerry D not paying for anything more. Agree with the beer brewing boys not being part of the bonfire fuel supply also. My minimal contribution of lackluster around the fire entertainment won't carry me for long in life. As such I'm planning on bringing the HEAT, fire wood that is!
  2. I'll be heading out on Friday the 11th. Will start setting up the big site we had last year. Sounds like there will be a few showing up on Tuesday. I'm doing a BIG pot of chowder on Wednesday. Going to try to bake some cornbread in the dutch over as well.

    I'll be taking the driftboat. BUT I don't have anyway to tow/launch it once there. Anyone who wants to go for a drift just needs to supply the tow.
  3. i want to get out there for a few days, but Im just not sure which few days I can make it yet. I might start out for a day or 2 on another river out there with less pressure, then migrate to the Hoh once Ive caught a few toads out of the ******* river.
  4. I'll volunteer to tow the dragon boat, (insert matt truck joke here)
  5. If I don't make it back from San Diego in time, you have my permission to utilize my 5 gallon keg of Taji Mud and Jerry D. food payment to go toward the drunkenness and firewood for the good of the group.
  6. Matt, I'll have my POS import available with a tow strap! Just in case we have a repeat of your domestic needing assistance.

    Spoon...just get your ass back up here to fish.
  7. Spoon, what Mumbles said! :)

    Onto the wood. Thanks for the sentiments guys and appreciate it. But I'll have cash ready nonetheless. :) I don't mind chipping in.
  8. Spoon, what Mumbles said! :)

    Onto the wood. Thanks for the sentiments guys and appreciate it. But I'll have cash ready nonetheless. :) I don't mind chipping in.
  9. Oh yeah. Those new to threadand plan to eat need to go over to food thread and sign up. All the details to pay are on the first page. Thanks. :)
  10. On to carpools: I'm most likely leaving Redmond on Thursday. I'll have a seat open in my car if anyone wants to split travel expenses.
  11. Im also leaving early Thursday from Monroe. The truck will be pretty full but one can ride along.
  12. I'll be leaving Thursday. Will buyup what I need last for the trip foodwise and hit the road. :)
  13. I'm most likely arriving Thursday as well
  14. See ya' that Thursday night Jerry.

  15. Heading up the Friday prior to everyone. Will be there to welcome all. Less I'm out catching steelhead.:thumb:
  16. I'm quite bummed that I can't make it to meet you guys...but I will be in a tropical place so that takes the sting off. I'm heading the the OP ten or so days later though so if you guys don't mind posting GPS coordinates of all fish hooked that would be great :)
    I can picture the steelies now watching my pathetic fly swim by them while they think, "ha! we were just fooled by a bunch of real fishermen...you expect us to eat that?"
    Have a great time!
  17. I just relized I have extra days off to use so I will be heading out wedensday morning, if anyone needs a ride. I'm heading home on Sunday.
  18. I had planned on leaving monday morning and camping a few extra days. but right now im stuck in steelhead country with a broke down car. after waiting to hear what the damage was all weekend I have come to find that it would cost nearly what the car is worth to have it fixed. so i signed it off. and left it to the junk yard to have there way with. I am already looking at the purchase of a new rig. but two weeks is pretty quick and I dont know if I will have one by then. If any eastsiders have a spot in there car. I would be more than willing to split gas and anything else that was needed. Hopefully ill be driving over in a new truck! but if not. I still wanna be able to make it. anyways keep me posted if you know anything!

    I wouldnt be against flying over to seattle and doing a ride share from their either.

    Thanks guys

  19. If it comes to this, my car's gots a seat
  20. Blake we can take my car if we need to. It should make it there and back, and if not i got free towing :)

    "yes, please tow my car the the Oxbow Bend"

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