Hohdown, March 19

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  1. Don Childs Should be their on Thursday night for the whole meal deal. Sent check today.
  2. Shit, that makes 40 for the weekend. Thats just the guys that have posted up on this thread.
  3. We're gonna need more beer
  4. Power of the Internet. Will be interesting to see the varied wade and float tactics as well as how a group this big decides to spread out their pressure on the rivers and wild fish.
  5. Yea, me might catch an entire two this year ^^
  6. Gonna look like the splash and giggle section of the Deschutes, but with boats anchored sporadically...lol
  7. My tactic is to roll out of bed 4-5hrs before the rest of camp gets their drunken asses up. I'll be balls deep in the river long before anyone else.

    That way, nobody will know where I go either. It's a great plan.
  8. We have that many? Only 17 have paid for food. Gonna be some hungry people. ;)

    Oh and add 10-13 more for Sat/Sun. Have my Project Healing Waters guys there for the weekend.
  9. I, too, plan on fishing my balls off. But if it's anything like my previous 12 days out there, that's all it will be. Looking forward to it though!
  10. 40 people-- I thought oxbow camp ground had only 10 campsites
  11. I'm an Eastsider. Its too long of a drive for me to waste my time. If i get skunked. Expect me to work harder for that skunk than most.
    IE: Early mornings. And long fishing days. I should have a new rig by then so it will be a Tuesday-Sunday gig for me. Ill have my spot at oxbow for sure.

  12. Looking like I will only have a few days to be there during hoh down. Ill probably drop in and say hi in the evening after hitting other rivers in the area where there will be far less pressure.
    Ill probably end up on the other highway most of the time. Or at least a more northerly river
  13. Ok. People are being a tad too literal. Its called the Hoh Down since we are homebasing therem. Lots of other rivers nearby. So you can camp there as your "basecamp" and fish elsewhere. Just a lot (including me) will fish the Hoh. This river is special to me so I'm not worried about hooking fish. I never do on g et togethers like this. This isn't a private basecamp its a website get together. So fish another river and hangout in the AM and/or PM.

    Onto camping. 4 people per site isn't bad. But chances are some people will be staying at motels.
  14. Guys i had an excellent dream last night. It was morning at the Oxbow and I somehow had waded across to the other side of the river. I was long lining an egg through the slot on the other side of the river, and i spotted a steelie! one perfect cast upstream, let the egg sink, ok there it came tight, guide it into the slo... FISH ON

    wow, hot fish, im running down a gravel bar now (ok so the gravel bar doesnt really exist in this spot), sprinting as fast as i can while the fish threatines to take everything off my real. After a short pursuit the fish turns its head back into the current and bulldogs behind a slight gravel drop off (like the one where jason smalls caught that beauty) and i get him to go to a friend who is on the gravel bar, waiting for the fish.

    next think i know the fish is slightly upstream from me, gently drifing into my shins. I tail the brute buck, harmlessly take the egg hook out of the left corner of his mouth, and feel the surge of this mysterious fish flow through my body as he makes a powerful burst out of my hands upstream, and back into the unknown dpeths of the hoh river.

    now.... this was an awesome way to wake up, the thoughts of a 32 inch buck.. but my only question is....

  15. Hah! Nice dream Dustin! I hope you enjoyed it. I need a dream like that.

    But seriously...all this talk about fishing other rivers...anyone who is at the Hoh Down is required to only fish the Hoh. Isn't that what it's all about? ;) The camaraderie all fishing the same river and getting skunked?
  16. Yes! You all do that.:eek:
  17. What Jeff said.
  18. I was just going through my check list of stuff to pack and just wanted to throw out the reminder to BYOC

    Bring Your Own Chair

    I seem to remember them being in short supply the past two years. :thumb:
  19. can I just sit on your lap?

    no homo
  20. I would usually have a witty retort to something like this but I really just don't know where to go with this.......
    Oh Yeah... "I understand the logic in this"

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