Hohdown, March 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. If I remember right Bill had the chair of chairs two years ago. But once you reclined it was almost game over.

    Good reminder though! I know people will still forget. They just better stay out of my chair when I get up and go for another beer!
  2. Hooking mine up with a taser and a remote. Set in my chair SAP!!!
  3. Someone sits in my chair, no big deal. I'll just shut the Co2 off to the beer taps, sorry bars closed.
  4. That so happened to be my chair. My lounge lizzard. Stole the cooks chair. ;)
  5. Speaking of the Hoh and surrounding rivers out there. They are punched and climbing. Looks like rain on my weatherbug calls for rain as far out as it registers (til next Tuesday at least).

    So here's my question. I was going to do most of food buyup this weekend so all I have to do is stop off and buy the ribeyes fresh and have everything packed. But once I buy I won't be able to refund. Weather won't affect me if river at least is coming down. I can hold off and do all the buying Thursday morning so I'm able to refund cash for those who bought in. If you all are in the "Buy it and play it by ear" I will. If not I will scramble Thursday morning if Hoh Down is a go. What do you guys think? Its your cash.
  6. If things are punched with no chance of dropping in to shape; I say we postpone the Hohdown for a week. This is my last trip of the season (can't afford another). I don't want to waste it on blown rivers.
  7. Unfortunately for me I may not be able to get following Thu/Fri off. So we will see how it plays out. If its blown as of Wednesday I'd probably cancel my time off. But most of our floating holidays are full on thu/fri a month in advance. And like a lot of you I don't want to be over there just to camp in rain and not fish.
  8. I don't have the luxury of schedule flexibility for postponement. I'll be genuflecting and asking for dropping temperatures, cessation of rainfall and prime conditions. Not sure I'll get any or all of these prayers answered though.
  9. And I just realized I can't next weekend. I'm commited to Reds Rendesvous the weekend after the Hoh Down. So I'd be out.
  10. all hope is not lost. as long as we don't get another shitstorm like yesterday, it's entirely possible for things to drop back in.
  11. Are you guys seriously thinking about rescheduling?
    I hope I'm not the only person that would piss off.
    I had to get the time off in advance, not to mention that I'm driving from china to get there!
    Evan just strap your balls on, not like you were gonna touch a fish anyways :rofl:
  12. Camping in the rain + not fishing because of punched rivers = worse than cancelling
  13. So if Evan can't find his ballz to strap on, we'll have to buy more beer. I think he'll show regardless because he'd rather fish than tickle his keyboard. Blake, Spokebekistan is not China, Old Man has come from much further away...reference strapping on your ballz! Don't get pissed off, that is not good for your karmic aura. Think happy thoughts, lots of fresh fish entering the river as the flows begin to drop and clear. Nothing else should enter your mind. Read your signature quote a dozen times out loud, practice your relaxation breathing and be well.
  14. Thank you Blake. I thought I was going to have to kick some serious internet ass. Bunch of whinny bitches. The weather will be what the weather will be. I plan on fishing until my rig floats out of camp. Then you will see me standing on the roof of my motorhome, casting to the banks as I head to the salt.
  15. iagree

    Amen Jeff!
  16. Well since its a river I fish on a regular basis for over 30 years I have an idea on how it fishes. Jeff you WON'T be fishing if its puking and over 5000. And Blake would you want to drive from Spokane just to camp in the rain. When its unfishable with gear what are you gonna do with a fly? And I'm in same boat. I request the time off a couple months in advance. I'm just a realist. If you guys want to show up to party I'm game. I just know what the river probably will look like. :(
  17. Hoh is not the only game in town. Might have to go fish higher in, or a different drainage.
  18. Well, I was planning on heading over sometime after the 19th, since my spring break starts on the 17th. Ill probably try to hold out till the end of the week to go over and hope for some more fishable flows. I have about 3 days I can be out there, and I want the river to be at least fishable
  19. Jerry, about how long after a big rain event does it take for the Hoh to start to clear?

    And yes, there is other fishing options if the hoh is 5k+
  20. If it was just about catching steelhead. I would have a better chance of it over here.

    I def am gonna fish hard. wherever I can. but having never been there before. and hearing about those ghosts. gonna be a big learning experience.

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