Hohdown, March 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Oh yeah. All rivers are punched over there by graphs. Hoh ain't only river to get rain on the OP when it rains.

    There is a chance we could be ok. I was throwing out worst case scenerio. But has to be dropping in to around 2500 by Wednesday and still dropping to be fishable thu-sun. If she's still punching up we are toast.
  2. Blake it isn't for me either. BUT I would like a chance. When you cast and your line is tight to tailout without sinking its nothing but casting practice. If I had my whitewater boat I would rig it and run it just for shits and giggles.
  3. I'd be up for some shits and giggles, but finding places suitable to fish is important too. I have Thursday off confirmed so I will be joining the party or just Jeff on Wednesday late or Thursday after putting the chicklets on the school bus. If you're not there I'll miss seeing you...but I've got a short memory! I'll find something fun to do.
  4. Ok guys its just RAIN. in FORKS.

    bring your tying gear in case we get rained out a day or two. Bound to be some sunshine eventually. If that doesnt work im off on foot with a compass and map to explore tributaries/headwaters.

    Lets bring some tarps/awnings.

    And we can always nymph pockets on the bank and side channels!
  5. What are you bringing?
  6. I am bringing a decently nice 10' 10' awning and a tarp, with some rope for rigging it.

    This year I will be more prepared because I am not carrying all my gear on my back :)
  7. yup, hes carrying it in my new truck :cool:
  8. Cool, Jerry had told me to leave my 10x10 pop up at home. Should that thought be reconsidered?
  9. Throw it in! the more rain protection the better! as long as it doesn't impose on space you need for other stuff in your rig
  10. Benefit of having a cataraft, the trailer has huge storage space in the tubes. I'll probably bring it along.
  11. it cant hurt. im bringing it to set up the tent under and have some "sane dry area" to change and such.
  12. Oh, you are brining it for YOU! Okay, okay, I get it. I'll probably bring mine so that we can huddle in close to the water filled fire pit while we eat Jerry's awesome food. If the weather out there ends up like what I'm seeing at my place last night and today we'll be getting wet from all directions.
  13. LOL guys. I was just putting a warning out there. I don't want a rash of "cash outs" after I've bought the food. And for me I'm out there fishing all the time. As much as I love cooking in camp if I'm out there I want to wet a line and have a chance. The rain isn't what's bugging me its the flows. If we can settle down with light rains we could be fishable by Tuesday or Wednesday. Ill prepare to buy everything Thursday morning.

    My biggest concern is having almost $1000 for food and nobody show. I only get so many of these guaranteed days off and if I'm using them to fish I want to fish. As much as I love you guys snuggling under a tarp just to cook and hang out isn't what I had in mind. LOL.
  14. Jerry, if a bunch of people no show we can find a way to invite a bunch of Forks folks out for some food. I hear some like their meat a bit on the rare side though!
  15. At the risk of tainting the spiritual quality of a Hohdown, if the river is punched on 3/17 with no hope of being fishable by 3/20, may I suggest a compass direction adjustment to an alternative river that more likely than not will be fishable that weekend?

    The revered and reviled Cowlitz, for better or worse, is controlled by dams. Today it's running a little over 5 kcfs, which is very fly fishable. It is likely to stay around 5 or 6 kcfs, except on smolt migration Tuesdays when it jumps up to 8 kcfs. The Cowlitz winter steelhead run has shifted away from Dec.-Jan. returning Chambers Ck fish to late returning native Cowlitz brood hatchery steelhead that peak in March. It's not the Hoh nor any of the highly desireable qualities of the coastal rivers, but it would allow us to camp in the rain, eat Jerry's cooking, drink Evan and Matt's beer, AND fish water that is in shape. Downsides include most of the fish being hatchery not wild and you pretty much need a boat to access the Cowltiz.

    I'm just throwing this out there because postponing the Hohdown is not feasible for too many, and cancelation isn't practical once Jerry buys groceries.

  16. I actually quite like this idea. Hell, hatchery fish is just fine! We could put the beatdown on them and take some meat home! I vote for this idea if things look bleak on the coast. It's better than cancelling, and better than a bust of a trip to the coast.
  17. I agree, that sounds like a good back up plan. I just want to fish and play with my new spey. Whatever river gives me the best chance of that I'm game. Have beer will travel
  18. Is the Cowlitz fishing from a boat the whole time or is there boat accessible bank area/bars that are wade, swing and spey cast capable? I've only gear fished the Blue Creek area, beyond that I don't know squat (big surprise there). I am the kind of guy that likes to have a backup plan. I'm not sure that I'm going for a backup plan though.
  19. I hear Cowlitz has lots of great swing water.
  20. You hear or you know? See, I don't know, nor have I heard much. What I have heard is guy rowing boat rows the freaking boat while two pals fish their asses off on the move and the guy rowing the boat has a grand time. So, for anyone in the know willing to say, my question stands. It likely stands as the stupidest question asked today, maybe all year so far, but this is a river that I know very little about.

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