Hohdown, March 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Blow out that is, thought it was obvious. See how much wind is too much in the stillwater section. I've rarely been "blown" off a lake, I usually just adjust how I fish it and still manage to do well. Granted some days are harder than others but as we all know wind affects how we fish rivers as well.

  2. 7600 and rising. Hope those that brave it and keep their plans for the peninsula rivers stay safe, go high and find some soft water somewhere in the side tribs. Hope the contingent of guides can get back on the river soon and keep living the dream.

    ...and 8480 after dinner and bedtime routine for the girls. No idea where I'll be fishing this weekend, but it likely will NOT be the Hoh.
  3. Well I was really looking forward to meeting a buncha you hoodlums. Looks like it will have to be another time. With the week off, Im gonna go chase some steelhead around elsewhere. Good luck everyone, wherever you wet a line!
  4. Yeah, she just cracked 9000, don't think she's gonna be fishable for awhile. :(
  5. Mother Nature just don't like you people. The two years I showed up it snowed. Hell, if I want snow I can just stay here in March. Also much better fishing. But this morning it is 44 degrees out. Very warm for this time of the year.

    Have a nice day

  6. You all think your steelheaders and bitch about bobber advantages and you give up when the SPEY FISHING will be the best....GOOD ON YA I'll be hanging down with the big Joe Spoon fly and some T...
  7. LOL Brazda. Whatcha drinking? Wanna share?
  8. Any day my friend, bring the Don Julio...
  9. I still have a partial bottle. Could share it while we plunked. Think I still have some 32 oz sturgeon sinkers poured. Think that'd hold at 8k. Maybe. LOL. But we wouldn't care anyways after finishing the bottle.

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