Hohdown, March 19

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  1. Man I'm looking forward to some good brew and awesome food. I wish it was think weekend. And no worries about me drinking too much good beer. I drink it slow, and one can only take so much 'big black hoh'.
  2. Shit, I need some better names:beathead:

    Hoh-Squach Cascadian Dark Ale
    OMJ IPA, cause it's Aged and Bitter!!!!!
    Dirty Nympher Pale Ale
  3. Matt, I like all three names. More importanly though, what did you name your new drift boat that you are brining to the party?

    My only name crituque, the Hoh is glacial fed, from the Olympics...not the Cascades...but I like Hoh-Squatch.
  4. Sadly no boat bawling: I was overly optimistic about the tax man givething, (is that a word?) Making repairs to the ol' toon

    Cascadian refers to the name of the beer style, just like pale, belgian etc...
  5. I know, messing with you on the beer. Sorry to hear about the delay on the drift boat. All good things in time. Let me know if you need to borrow an airflo skagit compact 660. Make sure Jergens tells you the full story about what happened to that end cap...I'm dying to know.
  6. IPA is one of the only styles that doesn't benefit from aging.

    And the BJCP (beer judge douche thing) officially called the style "American Style Black Ale" rather than CDA. People didn't like the CDA name apparently.
  7. Very true on the ipa, and I'm boycotting the american dark ale style name. I prefer the cda.
  8. Will there be a kitchen area tarped off or does someone need to bring a pop up canopy to provide shelter for the kitchen? I'm hoping to find a local area wood purveyor that will sell me a half cord or full cord and drop it off. Whomever is there first should let me know which site is going to be the group area. In the two years I've been there we used one of the end sites (2009) and one of the middle sites (2010). Anyone who has an angle on pallets should make sure that their truck or trailer is loaded. The national weather service says this will be a wetter and colder than normal winter...nothing fights off wet and cold better than a bunch of home brew, booze and a bonfire that can be seen from deep space.
  9. I was actually talking to Backyard about the wood situation. We can get a chord of wood delivered from Forks right to our campsite. I'll talk to him again about it and get the info, apparently the prices are reasonable.

    Would people be down for pitching in on this?
  10. I would be down for that for sure.
  11. You guys are one step ahead of the planning Mumbles and I were doing. Count me in for $$.
  12. Of course I'll chip in for wood.

    Ed and Jeff. On the tent situation. I need one with walls of course. if Jeff has a 12 x 12 with walls that'd be great. Next year I should have my wall tent. :) almost bought one at the Portland sportsman show but have projects at home that need to be done 1st.
  13. Ill chip in for word as well.

  14. I can get you all the palates you want, but you would have to pick them up from my house in the Oly area. I was going to fill my boat with firewood to bring out. You weren't planning on burning the palates, were you? I was just bringing natural wood to burn. I am not making a fire or anything when I am out there, just contributing wood to the community pile.

    Also how much homebrew should I bring, I don't have any clever names for it though, will 5 gallons be enough or should I bring 10? I will be bringing an Oatmeal Stout and a Winter Warmer, unless I drink the Winter Warmer before then, in that case I will bring an Irish Red.
  15. Burning the pallets...well...I was planning on showing their flaming light spectrum to observers from space.

    I have asked Forks local resident, guide, guru and cool guy Jim Kerr about possible wood suppliers. When I get that info I'll try to connect with Mr. Burck and Mr. Backyard to see what they've found.

    Who is gonna be out there first staking the group site out?
  16. You bring as much or as little as you want. There will already be 6 or 7 5gal kegs of homebrew there. But I guarantee that there could never be too much.
  17. Ill be up there on Tuesday of that week, as im going to stay an extra couple of days. I could get a spot staked out if you guys had one in mind.
  18. I am heading out Wed afternoon, but not 100% sure I will make it out there that night. I may stop and fish somewhere on the way an end up sleeping in the car on riverbank, but if the fishing or weather sucks on Weds, I will be out there.

    Forget the pallets, I am bringing natural wood, it is more aromatic when it burns. My family has a bunch of land and I can just take whatever I feel like cutting up for free, my only constraint is my laziness and how much I can haul in my boat. My SUV is going to be full of gear and beer.
  19. Ed or Evan or whomever makes the firewood arrangements,

    First off, I think we shouldn't let Jerry contribute to the cost of firewood. He contributes plenty enough with his camp cookery. I'll chip in for wood plus a bit extra so Jerry doesn't feel left out. I presume a cord of firewood doesn't cost any more in Forks than it does in south sound. I'll also chip in to Evan and Matt for the privilege of sampling their home brew.


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