Hohdown roll call

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. i'll see you guys thursday night. be ready to drink pussies!
  2. WE BE STOPPIN BY. Looking to vist Hoh-Back Mountain and drink some brewhaws with you low-holing fly-fisherman.
  3. So I am home gettin my crap ready to leave early tomorrow and the wife informs me the kitchen sink is leaking. What, are you freakin' kidding me? Screw me. Tear the freakin drains out run to the store buy parts and basically replumb the freakin sink. A couple hundred cuss words and the thing is sorta back together and no drips. Clamp that bastard down and call it good until I get back. Told the wife if it leaks while I am gone put a bucket under it. Can you believe this crap?
  4. Sean and I should be rolling in by 9 or so tomorrow night hopefully. I'm hopeful that there's still a patch of dirt roughly the size of my tent left
  5. Look at us still here at home. Kerry has a plumbing emergency, I'm watching mythbusters with a packed truck in the driveway and Evan is hoping the hops have bittered up the brew. I'll be on the 6:45 edmonds ferry so look for me there. :thumb:
  6. Stuff is mostly by the door and I will head out in the morning fishing some where along the way. Not sure how early I will get going, still trying to decide if to leave before morning rush or after.
  7. Just finished packing the rig and tucked the kids into bed. As long as there are no plumbing leaks...I'm good to go. I'll be on the 10:10 Edmonds-Kingston ferry but will make a couple stops in route. Hope to be at Oxbow by 3:00 and find a patch of dirt also.
    - Mike
  8. this new dry hopped version is fan-fucking-tastic by comparison. it was the right decision
  9. Buncha whiny little kids around here...especially Kerry. I'm sitting on a bus in NYC watching the sun come up. Only Hoh action around here will run you a couple hundred. Have fun and be nice out there...
  10. I'm on the ferry heading over. See yall there!
  11. Well...glad everyone is out to have some fun. Me on the other hand...going off on business to NY for a week.

    Be safe out there fellas
  12. Leaving Fri. AM, fishing my way to the Hohdown, expecting to show up in time for dinner and drinks Sat.

  13. Since i'm not going to be at the event I want pics taken guys!
    Can't wait to see how good you kids were being when mom and dad weren't there to hold your hands.... :)
    Oh yeah...And actual pics of fish that were caught too..
  14. You have to be dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Jim, for some you just have to have hope...
  16. You would think between all those fly flingers someone's got to hook something. Although they did catch one fish this week.
  17. I got to spend one day and night there. Sometimes things just conspire against you. I managed to get my kitchen sink fixed and make the trip. Fished the Hoh at Ox Bow so I also managed to get a line wet. Had a great dinner prepared by Jerry and friends. Met some crazy people around the camp fire. Friday morning up early and went into Forks to make ferry reservations for the trip back and thats when things went wrong again. Recieved panic phone call from work saying a server had crashed and they couldn't get it back up. Screw my life. A drive back home and up to Bellingham to work.

    Great weather, good food, pretty decent company. I know I will do better next time.
  18. Kerry, that sucks! Nothing like work to spoil a good trip. At least you got to hang for a bit. I've got to hang around because my wife is about ready to pop with our first kid. The leash has officially been tightened, but it's something I'll just have to get used to. No more long weekends floggin water.
  19. You the only one to fix it. It must pay good to be the only one.
  20. I don't work for Boeing where you have a couple thousand people doing the same dumb ass job. We are a small company where some positions only have one person that is responsible for that particular area. In my case I am the only guy there responsible for all the servers.

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