Hohdown roll call

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Fuck you old man. From the Hoh down crew!
  2. Matt - I can just hear the impressions now....
  3. Sorry 'bout that Kerry. I noticed your absence last night, so I ate your share of dinner. Jerry was still at the top of his game, as ever. Camp food is never better than when Jerry is in camp with his cook gear.

    Fishing report: 2 hits and losses and 1 bull landed.

  4. Thank you from the bottom of my fart.
  5. Great to meet so many cool characters. Kerry, sorry you had to return so early, I was looking forward to fishing with you over the weekend. Jim, Matt tried to keep us entertained with some OMJ impersonations. Great time with everyone who made it out there. Thanks to Jeff Bandy for the hospitality of the Super C! Thankfully no one got surfed down the bank to the river. How long to the next get together?
  6. You all ought to try doing something over on the dry side of the state.
  7. Great point Jim, why not make some recommendations and get the ball rolling? I don't know squat about stuff over there, but I'd like to come over, learn a few things and meet some more fine WFF folks.
  8. Not me. I have one more trip to Washington and then I'm done. Getting to old to go trapsing all over the West.
  9. We'll have to detail some of the hard-rowing, hard-drinking, steelheading HOH men to come gitcha, Jim!!

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