Hohdown roll call

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  1. Gonna be a last minute thing for me I'm afraid. I really hope I am home for this one though.
  2. I'm trying to get the 20th off so I can attend this shindig again. Will have toon, cigars, Scotch, and spey rod.
  3. Good grief. If I could come again this year it would be only for the eating and the drinking. The fishing I would save for Montana. It's no fun trying to fish with a bad hangover. I know I tried to on the Yakima one year.
  4. Hey I just said I'll be getting skunked not the rest of you. :p
  5. Should be there the 17th or 18th...depends on finals and how they fall. Will bring some booze (whiskey), chip in for food. Need a seat for a big boy.
  6. I'm gonna be there the 17th throught 21st. Bringing libations to share, some sous chef culinary skills to assist Jerry, an appetite for awesome grub, and some local knowledge of the area (albeit I lived in Forks for a couple of years in the early 70's). I'm moteling it in Forks (mmm, hot shower after a day in the rain) so will be commuting..if anyone is also, let me know and we commute together if that works out. And I can shuttle any needs (food, beer, bandages) from the store each day.
  7. i'll roll into camp thursday the 18th probably around 10pm or so, leavin sunday the 21st whenever i get off the river. I'll be campin at the oxbow. I'll bring tarps, booze, some breakfast grub, some materials and my vice. i'll also work on music. a loud stereo and an ipod is essential. i'll come up with something.
  8. Sean..maybe something old school 4 us old farts..hmmm, Cream, Zappa,CSNY, Chicago, anything for us old guys? Wishin, and wood b cool.
  9. I will be there Wed through Sun. I'm bringing my Toon, Food and 5 gal of Home Brew!!!! I'm Leaving the Skunk at home
  10. you've obviously never fished with Sean :rofl:
  11. Yard & I are setting camp up next to Matt. Just say'n.
  12. If Matt has a C02 setup, I can bring a keg or two as well. I was planning on bringing some bottles... but why not go all out? I've currently got 15gals fermenting... The least I could do is fill up my 3gal keg and donate it to the cause
  13. Yard & I are camping in between Matt & Evan.
  14. Hohtoberfest:beer2:
  15. Oh, and besides my paypal account, you can also mail checks if that's prefered.

    Jerry Daschofsky
    25902 70th Ave E
    Graham, WA 98338

  16. I'll be rolling in on Wed. with Mark Walker in tow. I'll be sleeping in the back of my 4Runner (Jeff Bandy, save me a spot near your motorhome if you can!!!) Jerry, I'll be happy to help out with the cooking as I'll probably be in camp more than on the river...I'm not really set up for steelhead... "TROUT FISHERMEN DOMINATE THE WATER". I will coordinate with you about what to bring. I can make some killer side dishes...we'll talk.

  17. Bitterroot,

    I have a 10ft 8 wt single hander and a 13'6" 8wt spey that I'm just learning how to cast. You're welcome to use whichever one I'm not using at the moment. I also have an extra 8wt 9' single hander that you can use full time if someone has an extra reel and line (I'm guessing Mumbles probably has 4-5 extra 8wt reels knowing his collection).

  18. Rob, Thanks much for the offer. Mumbles already offered up some gear as well. I will be bringing my own 7wt setup and relying on superior angling skill to make it work. HA!

  19. . Will arrive either late the 17th or early morning on the 18th most likely 18th early AM. Will leave on the 21st back toward home.
    Have room in truck for car pool person from Kent/ Des Moines area.
    Will bring firewood and tarp and Jerry let me know where to mail check to and amount since I do not use Paypal.
    Do not need place for tent since as per normal I will just sleep in the back of the truck.
    Chris would love to try water masters or bum ride in drift boat for one of the days if there an open seat some where but not a requirement.
  20. Pat, my mailing address is a couple lines above. :)

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