Hohdown roll call

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. OK, im going to take vacation this time and go. Sean let me know if you have a full car load. If not we should carpool.. I have my truck if needed.
  2. Ill bring a bunch of custom rods if anyone wants to play around and test some nice rods. I have never fished in that area so I dont know what I should bring as far as rods go. Should I just bring 8wt's or can I get away with 7wt's maybe even a 10' 6wt.?
  3. Tyler, 7wt's are a little light for a possible 20 lb. + steelhead. The 6wt. would be just wrong. JMO.
  4. I personally wouldn't even consider anything smaller than an 8wt. If I had my preference, I'd be rolling with a 9-10wt in thems parts.
  5. Ok turns out I won't be there, its about half as much to go to POW... Sorry Guys, another time though
  6. OK kids, looks like I can make it, arriving on the afternoon of the 18th, leaving on the 21st in the am. Do I need campground reservations or something?
  7. forgot to ask if anyone needs a ride from Wenatchee/Cle Elum area or parts West as that's the route I'll be taking, down I-90, unless there's a quicker way. Still debating whether or not to bring the Clacka, since I don't row competently yet. We're at the Oxbow campground, right?
  8. Alex,

    Definitely bring the clack..greedily i don't have a ride yet. I can row..no prob. Headin over a day before you but will hook up on the 18th..whatever happens. No reservations necessary for oxbow..unless you wanna camp next to/near someone.

  9. Thanks, Eric; seat's yours!
  10. Starting a menu up. Gonna be pretty killer I hope. :) I may have a seat midweek. But for the weekend (probably saturday) I'll need my seats open for some PHWFF guys who will be there. In fact, I may need a seat or two for some wounded soldiers if any of you will have them on saturday or sunday. :)
  11. How many do you think they'll release from duty, Jerry? If I'm comfortable rowing the stretch by then, I can take at least one on Saturday. Do you think Chuck will be there?
  12. Chuck WILL be there. He'll be showing up either late Friday night or early Saturday morning (think it's the 20th and 21st). I'm going to save him a place to pitch some tents. But we'll have Chucks boat and mine. So we can do 2-3 guys there (I prefer to fish one out of my boat, at least for now). We'll be doing the upper stretch. Easier for him to row on.
  13. Super! I'll need to do some shopping at the cigar store!!
  14. I was browsing the site today and saw a photo in the gallery link on the upper left. I heard that this super hero would be around to make our karma good at the Hoh Down. Anyone else hear that rumor? Two and a half weeks and I'm already having trouble sleeping in anticipation of a nice long trip with a bunch of crazy characters and a chance to touch some fish.
  15. It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's your friendly administrator.
  16. He must have just won a gold medal in fly selection! Update, beer is in the keg absorbing wonderful bubbles of Co2.:beer1:
  17. As is mine
  18. This is making me thirsty!
  19. And me. And any beer appreciating person reading along.

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