Hohdown roll call

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. You do not by chance have six fingers on your left hand?
  2. Although recently I was missing your input...not sure why.
    Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Six fingers?
  3. Hey shit head. It looks like you are going to get to 7,000 posts before I get to 14,000. It must hurt to be second.
  4. No pain felt here young man. Just following your lead is fine by me. You stick around and torment us for another 14,000! Why not hitch a ride to the Hoh with one of those MT guys headed this way?
  5. I can't, I'm to broke to rumble. Besides I like fishing for little fish here. At least I'm going out and catching fish. even if they are small. Three more yesterday. Going to try someplace else. Getting tired of small fish.
  6. who is heading that way from montana?

    i posted on craigslist for a rideshare to Seattle on Tuesday (and plan to stealth camp at near the ferry terminal Tuesday night and hopefully meet you on Wednesday).

    Now to see if I can find the ride...

    if anyone is heading over from montana PLEASE pick me up in Spokane!
  7. What's wrong. Don't you own any wheels?????????????????????
  8. I do own wheels, but I can't afford the travel. Times are hard :)
  9. You ought to go there from Dillon, Montana. I did that trip twice and by my lonesome.
  10. cool story bro.

  11. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  12. Well, my "hi-tech, built to rumble" computer's down again, so I'm on her Ladyship's at the moment, which means I don't have email! If anyone needs a lift from Leavenworth area, just let me know on this part of the forum? Besides that, I'd advise you never to get involved in a land war in Asia!!
  13. Calling all kegs!!!! I will be bringing a 6 tap Jockey Box, just think of it as a cooler with six taps sticking out of it. I will be bringing one keg, Evan will be bringing one as well, so if my math is correct there is 3... uh 4 more taps available for full or semi full kegs. If you have one bring one. I will supply the Co2.:beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1:
  14. Now that beer is covered, do we have any plans for the morning cup o' joe? If needed I can certainly wrangle some up, just need to know how many drinkers and what we'll be brewing in.
  15. Rob,

    Asked the same thing to Jerry offline a few days ago...

  16. Well I hope 78 cups of coffee is enough...:rofl:
  17. Can't we have beer for breakfast too?
  18. Chris, Rob, and Matt,
    Jerry's got a couple of massive percs..I offered my 16 cup drip, and his are massive. Coffee? Don't know..ask the chef. As for beer for breakfast...absolutely. Haven't any of you brushed your teeth with beer?
  19. i may now be heading over by myself, which is not what i want to do. if anyone wants to head over wednesday night or thursday morning, and stay a couple days with no real plan.... let me know. i need to split gas costs (or jump in with someone that has the same plan)
  20. I am still working on getting to the seattle area on tues/wed

    I will keep you guys up to date. I am seriously considering using my thumb....

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