Hohdown roll call

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. i'm sure hoping the 8 campsites at the Ox Bow will accomodate. But as of right now, all I can picture is something like that huge manpile like on that South Park episode.
  2. Well, you get to be Kenny then!!
  3. Kenny wasn't in the manpile. so that sounds good to me
  4. Guys, I should have plenty of food. But with the ribeeye on Saturday, guys who prepaid get first dibs at it. Not going to short people on that one. Just those who show up and want to eat who havent paid can donate to the pot when they get there. Or you can bring your own food. :)
  5. Oh, and I do ask to save ONE area to put up a tent for the soldiers coming Saturday. Only need room for one night. :)
  6. I do have my 10' x 10' canopy, which has velcro and zip sides. That canopy goes to the Hoh Down camp Jerry, so let me know where to put it when we arrive.
  7. Jerry - How many soldiers will be coming? I'll have a pretty large tent set up that will currently only house me. They are more than welcome to just crash there if it's not too many.

    I will bring an extra camp chair, first come, first served (no dibs, move your feet and lose your seat, and all those kinds of things)

  8. Mumbles, I think Commander Scoones has a tarped area already, but could possibly use yours as a backdrop for weather on the backside of the area to setup.

    Rob, thanks, we may have 3 soldiers if you have room. Not sure yet on how many are coming and sleeping arrangements. I know they are still bringing a tent, but can opt to ask them to sleep in yours or theirs. :)

    Ok, I'm DONE shopping. Used up the cash donated so far and put out another $350 of my own. So hope you guys are ready to eat. :)
  9. gone fishin'!
  10. See ya in a few hours bro!!!
  11. Bitterroot, Mark looks a lot like Norm Norlander of NorVise fame. If you see him from afar at the airport, hang back and watch him a bit to see if he gets nervous that his ride has not arrived. You can blame me later! Looking forward seeing everyone in the morning.
  12. I'll be seeing you gents Thursday night!

    BTW, does anyone have a mattress pump I can use? All I have is my folat tube hand pump, and it's far from ideal.
  13. I should have a K Pump, might be briging my electric one too. If they will fit your bed valves you are welcome to use it.
  14. Let me make sure I know where the hell I'm going. This little shin dig is at the Ox Bow Campground on the Hoh, correct? I would hate to show up at the wrong campground and think the entire fucking board just rubber necked me.
  15. Kerry, you got it rite. I hope to be there by 4 to help with supper. Jerry, save one of those porks for me.
  16. Just back from the skanky Hoh today. She's fishing pretty good.

  17. Mark Walker is safely tucked into bed in Snohomish. We'll be on a ferry in the AM.
  18. Truck/camper/driftboat is loaded and ready to go. Going to load the coolers with food at the last minute. But will be on the road at 7am. :) See you there at the Oxbow.
  19. I'm packing up the truck today, will leave at 0700 tomorrow, WITH Friday dinner's main course, a humidor full of 5Vegas for the PHW soldiers. I'm hauling in my famed enchilada pie, so you guys will need a beer or two to be properly in the spirit. Confusion to the Fish!
  20. Today is going to suck, I have to wait a a full 24 hours before I leave. Ok don't have any fun until I get there. See you guys tomorrow!!!

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