Holiday Face to Face fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Holiday Face to Face fly swap
    DEC 7th SATURDAY 12:00 to 4:00 PM
    Before all the other Holiday obligations are upon us
    Unlimited number of participants as you will be tying 2 sets of 5 flies of
    2 different patterns

    You will get two sets of 5 flies

    So everyone ties 10 total flies

    As long as there are even numbers it will work
    If not I will tie up two extra sets so it will work

    Please feel free to demo your skills for others to see!
    There will be food, drinks, lies, and community
    and a chance to meet some of the cool people and gifted tiers on this site live and in person perhaps you will even get Dry Fly Larry's autograph!

    1-Kelvin Italian Woven Dry Fly Pattern and Double K Reverse Spider
    3-Pat Lat
    5 Nick Clayton
    6 dryflylarry
    7 Steve Seville
    8 Jim McAllister
    9 Eyejuggler
    10 TD
    11 Obsessed
    12 Cin
  2. in with some stinger clousers and another patern which I call TBD
  3. In with cool stuff...Magic Comets and...???

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  4. If DFL's autograph is on the line then I am in in in!!!!!!! Not sure what ill be tying yet. I fish lakes and beaches so most likely a lake fly and a beach fly
  5. I hope to be there. Every year I think the same but have never made it!
  6. Too funny Kelvin! Sign me up tho! It's always fun every year.
  7. I think I can do this one. Looking forward to seeing you guys.
  8. I think I'm going to jump in this year, not sure what I'm tying yet...

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    DEC 7th SATURDAY 12:00 to 4:00 PM
  10. Count me in too please. I am 70% sure I can get the day off, I will know by next week.

    I will be bringing a variation to Mark Mercers squimp and an unknown pattern, probably another salt fly.

    Regards, Dave

    PS sorry if I jacked the even count up :/ maybe some more tiers will join :)

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  11. May I join in? I would like to join in on this.
  12. you're both in

    Dave the way this works you can't jack the count as everyone ties ten flies
  13. I am gonna do a woven fly demo
    who else wants to do a demo at the event?
  14. I've got to back out, sorry guys. I think the same thing happened to me last year. Oh well, enjoy, and get drunk for me.

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  15. If any of the Kitsap guys going want to carpool just hit me up
  16. you can still send flies
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  17. That may be do-able Nick.
  18. i would like to attend if possible . I have several fav and productive patterns for salt or fresh .I look forward to an afternoon of tying with all you guys.
  19. your in
  20. Thankyou Kelvin I am looking forward to meeting all of you

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