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  1. For me, the best reason to pack while in the woods is to go shooting, but I have heard nobody on this thread talk about that.
    This thread is not about the sport of shooting while hiking.

    The discussion is about protection. No, this discussion is about holsters.

    I can understand the argument for carrying to protect oneself from animals. I can respect the fear reflected in the argument for carrying in order to protect oneself from bad people. It's not about fear, its' about being prepared. Kind of like the boy scouts, "be prepared". Look back at the post from Kerry S. He was prepared and nothing bad happened.

    However, given the overwhelmingly safe nature of our WA wilderness, I believe it's reasonable also to weigh the probability of you ever actually being able to use your gun for protection against the risk and discomfort that your carrying causes others. Since when has anyone's lack of knowledge ever caused that person to be "discomforted" by what they were not aware of? It's called concealed carry for a reason.[/quote]
    Its kind of like where you list as your residence, "who's asking". Nobody's damn business is my answer, and I don't even carry a handgun.
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  2. I wear a verticle nylon shoulder rig. Very comfortable and durable and access is immediate.

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  3. Make sure to respond to your PM's because I'll check with you next time I intend to carry. You know, to make sure you think it's ok for me to carry in the areas I'm headed.
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  4. I thought it was the moonshiners that played the banjos, Because just where in the heck are bears cougars & sasquatches going to get banjos & not to mention music lessons!!!!!
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  5. PT, that's not necessary. Hopefully, you will not endanger or threaten anyone with your gun. I found a similar thread from a while back on this forum. I liked this post from Coach Duff.



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  6. I have always found that calling fishing a sport was bit of a stretch, but calling shooting a sport is where I must draw the line. This thread stopped being about holsters by the bottom of the first page. If someone is too scared to go fly fishing in WA without a gun, then maybe it's time for them to find a new "sport".

    I read Kerry's story. Here is mine. A few years ago, I was with friends out in the sticks car camping after riding Devil's Gulch near Wenatchee. A guy pulls up about 50 feet before our camp in full sight of us. He parks, gets out with an assault rifle and disappears down the bank into the woods without a word. A few seconds later, we hear him firing off 3 or 4 bursts of a full automatic. He crawls back out of the woods, climbs into his truck and peels off. We were shaken, but unharmed. If we had been armed, the risk of escalation and death would have been much greater.

    In both Kerry's story and mine, the gun was an instrument of intimidation. Obviously, a gun that remains out of sight is a much lesser concern, maybe even nobody's business.

    Its kind of like where you list as your residence, "who's asking". Nobody's damn business is my answer, and I don't even carry a handgun.[/quote]
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  7. This is exactly why you shouldn't carry.
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  8. [/quote]

    The reason I carry a hand gun while shooting pics is mostly for wild animals. Usually carry my .357 because it has a ported barrel and is extremely loud making for a very effective noise maker to scare a black bear and still has enough snot to drop the bear if needed. The two guys in the truck? I was a bit worried about that situation. I was able to remain calm and was working through possible scenarios while talking with and watching the two guys. In all honesty, I do not have enough of the type of training to be truly effective in a gun fight. Nor do I really practice enough with a hand gun to be effective. If I were really concerned about 2 legged predators while in the woods I would take my 8 shot, short barreled, 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 buck and perhaps a few friends similarly armed and/or an AR. If I am going to be in a firefight I, at the least, want the advantage of having the most fire power.

    The fact of the matter is I spend a lot of time in the woods and a good portion of the time is spent in remote areas. The story I told about the two guys is the only one in over 20 years of fishing and hiking the Norht Cascades that I felt that uneasy about someone I met in the woods. I have never ran into a situation while fishing where I thought I needed a firearm. I have been in a few areas shooting pictures that held fresh sign of bear and a lot of it where I felt particularly confortable knowing I had a means of scaring a bear or if needed protecting myself from one.
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  9. ACME supply company.:) (they sell EVERYTHING!)
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  10. [/quote]

    "I have always found that calling fishing a sport was bit of a stretch, but calling shooting a sport is where I must draw the line."

    Well I think you outed yourself right here. Occupy Skagit is coming up. Everyone up there will be using hookless flies. It is in support of our sport and to bring attention to restoring catch and release on the Skagit after escapement has been made.
  11. Its pretty clear from the title and the initial post that this thread was intended to be about holsters. From all the interactions here, it sounds like there are many of us who elect to occasionally carry firearms in the backcountry. Members made lots of good suggestions for carry options for JPfish to consider. Its great to be part of an online community where you can ask a practical question and get input from the experience of many others and learn. For the rest of you, if you are not interested in holster options or in helping the guy who asked the question, then you are just trolling.

    Go and start your own thread if you want to discuss your political or moral opinions about guns. Anyone who wants to participate in that can. You don't need to be on this thread browbeating a law abiding citizen like JP who is well within his constitutional rights. None of us have to justify when, where, how or if we do carry to you on a gear-advice thread.

  12. Well, how about we leave it like this? We each make our own decisions about carrying, keep it to ourselves and commit to being responsible so that others are not endangered, threatened or put out when we do bring our guns into the wild, for whatever reason.
  13. Sound like a great first post on a different thread, where it might be appropriate, unlike this thread, which is about holsters.

  14. LOL. You are primarily the one who turned this thread into something no longer about holsters on the first page. One thing is clear to me from this thread - some people should not be allowed to play with guns.

  15. G-spot,

    You are wrong about this. He was giving an honest answer to someone asking about wolves. You have not been honest on this thread. You have an agenda that opposes guns. Be honest about that and start a different thread as was suggested. Peace out, as the kids say.
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  16. Applying for a mod's position?

  17. Threads that wonder from the original topic is very common here and other boards. I wouldn't get all worked up over it.
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  18. I have been honest. I don't have an anti-gun agenda. I am not afraid of being attacked by a bear, a cougar or wolves in Washington. In fact, I always feel good after seeing animals in the wild. It reminds me of being up in Stehekin and running into a young couple stopped on the trail, watching a black bear with cubs. I told them, "hey, I have a sandwich in my pack. You want me to see if I can get them closer so you can get a photo?". It took them a moment to realize I was joking, but their initial reaction was as horrified as yours and Jason's that I would dare express my opinion and ask questions here. Can you imagine if I had pulled out my .45 and fired a protection shot in the air in order to clear the path?

    After this exchange, I do feel justified in being concerned about running into aggressive people with guns. The ultimate form of dishonesty here is to mischaracterize my position, call me dishonest and then close with Peace Out. With regard to the original question about holsters, here is my advice. Save yourself the money and extra weight of carrying a Glock in the backcountry. If you really want to have your gun, then keep it in your backpack and take it out when you need it.
  19. I love a good tangent, but trolling is not the same thing as wandering.
  20. No one on this thread is trolling, no one. Appearently you do not have a good understanding of what a troll is. Again, are you applying for a mod's job? One of the first you need to know is what a troll is.
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