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  1. No problem. Ignore works even better.
  2. Please do.
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  3. Be carefull with the SERPA holsters, the little button deal can get stuff stuck in it and effectively locking the holster up and your gun. I have had and heard from a few friends/sources about this happening to them.
  4. The spring Cabela's has a Galco RH only Galco kydex holster for your Glock @ $44.99 looks like a nice holster...but I really like my LIIONDEFENSE holster.
  5. If you are too scared to go fishing without a firearm maybe you should not go
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  6. Yet another reason you shouldn't carry.
  7. I wonder if the quilting forums ever have discussions about sidearms.
    I need to ask IRA, i know he is a closet quilter.:D
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  8. Not many cougarillas in grandmas living room.
  9. Isn't a troll that thing that lives under the Ballard bridge?
  10. Not if it's one of those big honk'n mountain trolls!!! You've got your bridge trolls, your mountain trolls and your forum trolls.... all different critters.
  11. Ha

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  12. LOL. That's good.
  13. Here is a story for you I was fishing the Upper Green river on Snoqualmie pass come walking back to my truck here stand two guys w/rifles and side arms giving my crap about spooking the game they were trying to hunt I am armed with two 9ft flyrods since then I never go naked
  14. A simple question was asked, and some interesting dialogue ensued. The fact that at least a few in this thread have drawn this thread in different directions than the OP's question is more than obvious. The blast from the past quote by Coach T.D. was a nice touch. Every environment is different. Every person is different. The OP asked a pretty straight forward question and yet again our membership got off track, some even pushing their own agenda.

    I'm a Mod, one that tends to Mumble a bit here and there. Answer the OP's question or don't. Preach elsewhere. Open your own thread that goes political in a flash and gets some mod smackdown. Only you can make you click on the thread and then only you can make you type all the words you use and then again, only you can click the submit button.

    Every citizen with the legal right to carry can choose to do so or not, it is their choice.

    I've collected a few holsters that I like for various carry environments. As of yet, I'm not sure I have the right holster tool for wader/vest use. I'm comfortable with my backpacking solutions. I'm going to be checking out some of the suggested shoulder harnesses in this thread, and hope that more with input of value will chime in.

    The reasons I may choose to carry are near and dear to me. If you don't like those, tough shit! My reasons are for me, my family and my friends...they are my reasons. You can choose to do what you do or don't do based on your own reasons and I'm not going to stand in line to jump your shit about the choices you make. Don't stand in line to jump on mine.
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  15. To be fair here, when one talks about holsters and guns one should think about others as well, the consequences of certain actions have an effect on people, and as citizens we should all be aware of those effects.

    I will admit right up front, i'm from Canada, never carried a gun, never needed one, and spend a lot of time in the bush. Not a huge fan of guns. but....the point of G-spot's that I support is the effect on others when they see an openly carried gun in the bush. That would freak me out! Once again, I stress that here in Canada it doesn't happen and that obviously plays a part in my reaction. A gun carried under a jacket or vest would easily change one's affect on others.

    But to talk about holsters and not expect a discussion on the effect of holsters......

  16. IWB holster with no thumb break. Gun goes in holster, holster goes in chest pocket of waders.
  17. guns aren't nearly as scary as those semi drivers from canada that drive for the shadow line
  18. As mentioned early on by a few people, the Guides Choice by Diamond D is a great holster for larger calibers especially. I've also used the standard Galco shoulder rigs. The one's that carry the firearm pointed to the ground, not to the rear. Both of those work well under waders and are well concealed with waders. Wading deep isn't a problem.

    Smaller firearms, I just stick in my jacket pocket or wader pocket in a pocket holster.

    Another option that I actually use a lot is a small to medium backpack that is made by Camelback for LE use. It's called a Camelback UAC. It has a padded pocket in the small of the back that's easy to reach, a strap inside that you can attach a holster to, etc. If you don't carry a firearm it's just a good pack, but you can also attach a bear spray holster to the strap inside the pack and still reach the bear spray when the backpack is on. It's a pretty nice rig.
  19. Thanks, Ed. Glad you liked the Duff reference. I'm a fan. Bottom line: flyfishing with a gun is a bit like figure skating with a knife. Announcing it here on a public forum about flyfishing begs notice and discussion. I cherish the First Amendment as much as the Second, so let's call it my constitutional right and the purpose of a forum to ask the obvious question, "why do you want to figure skate with a knife?" Wolves, bears, cougars? That's irrational. Then, someone clarified that a gun can be useful against another human being in the same type of places that I, my friends and family happen to fish. As a human being myself, I found that interesting. As the exchange progressed, my interest deepened and concerns were raised.

    Despite the chest beating by some, I would bet that most people on this forum do not have the stomach or training to pull the trigger against another person; those who do just might be a little too hot-headed and gung-ho to be armed without adult supervision. I think it's worth pointing out, in direct response to OP, RCW 9.41.270, which I have attached here for everyone's convenience. Illegal display of a weapon is a Gross Misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail - maybe that's why my father taught us that if we ever raised a firearm against another person, we needed to be prepared to shoot to kill. No kneecapping in this family.


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