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  1. As to the quoted statute, admittedly I'm not familiar with your local laws but I would bet if you research further, you would find a difference between what is considered illegal brandishing as compared to what is defined as legal carry.

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  2. Those who choose to carry should know the law well and themselves better. None that I've met take the right and responsibility lightly.

    This thread remains off track without discussion of holsters. The link to the survival gear site was useful for me. A single handgun shoulder rig looks appealing.
  3. You are absolutely correct Ed. I digress.

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  4. Ed,

    If the link you were referring to is what I posted, then give him a call since being an ex marine he has designed holsters for security officers and our military. I can't be happier with my purchase.

    Your stated reasons to carry were the best I have read stated on this thread. I carry both open and concealed everywhere I go and I laugh about the comments stated here and about people's reaction about our legal right to carry. If seeing a tactical rifle or the butt end of a gun makes you want to put your head in the sand then please do so but "Don't Tread on Me"

  5. I never open carry in Canada. Always concealed carry in Canada. Canadian's don't like open carry for some reason. Just slip a slim Springfield XDS in your wader pocket, fits nicely while in Canada. No holster needed.
  6. This is illegal without a Wilderness Authorization to Carry, aka ATC 2, which requires applicant to show a compelling need. Authorization is seldom granted. If Canadians don't like open carry, then it's probably for the same reasons that concealed carry is highly restricted. I am happily entertained to keep addressing the issues that come up in the natural course of this thread.

  7. Ed said that his reasons to carry are his own. He expressly did not state his reasons. That was one of his key points.

    The emotional reaction to an actual gun will be different in every person and depend on the situation. I don't think anybody here cowers at the sight or thought of a firearm under normal circumstances. However, the same weapon could cause any one of us considerable concern in the hands of someone who is confrontational, aggressive or otherwise off. We know those people are out there.

    In WA, anyone who handles their weapon in a way that causes others to feel intimidated is probably violating the law and almost certainly liable to arrest. I am afraid that under WA law, Don't Tread on Me means, be careful where you point that thing and how it makes others feel or risk jail.


  8. Your condescending way of addressing people (yes, it comes through) is doing absolutely no good here.

  9. So that's why those border guards get upset when they see my guns in my car when crossing into Canada. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Hey Jason. I have tried to contribute by bringing interesting facts, ideas and arguments to the table. So far, I have found this exchange generally educational and entertaining.

    Some people sound offended by what I wrote, but I could use the same argument as they, namely that I am exercising my legally protected, First Amendment right to free speech for reasons that are my own. If people can carry weapons without "giving a shit" what others think of their reasons, then should that not also apply to someone who is merely expressing ideas on a public forum?

    I have been around guns all my life. I love fishing more than shooting. Until now, carrying a gun while fishing in WA has seemed like an inconvenience and unnecessary risk - that's my personal experience. However, there does seem to be some consensus here that anyone packing is elevating everyone's risk of getting shot or arrested. Therefore, the thread was destined, from the first post, to raise these obvious questions, which provided an opportunity to explore the issue and understand it better.

  11. Any concerns about being able to draw with the in-wader options, for those that roll that way? Are you also wearing a vest over your waders?
  12. Perhaps not applicable to the point you are making, but it's worth noting because people tend to forget:

    This isn't a public forum. It's a private one. Whatever "rights" we have to post here or not are solely dictated by the site's ownership.

    The first amendment doesn't say you can say anything you want at any time in any location. It just says that the govt can't interfere.

  13. Are you referring to in the wader pocket Jason?

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  14. Why don't you exercise your 25th Amendment rights and shut up before everyone thinks you are a immature jerk and moron. Hopefully that's not too late for you to save something.
  15. Drawing from a wader pocket may not be the fastest option, but it is very convenient. No vest for me.
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  16. I don't use a vest anymore. I use a hip pack if I'm wade fishing for trout. With my chest rig I can adjust it so it's comfortably accessible right inside the chest of my waders. I used to use a sling pack with a built in concealed carry pocket, but I don't like carrying a backpack/sling pack and it would be difficult to quickly access it if needed.

    I think this May have been shared, but I think these guys would advocate having a loud noise maker handy lol

  17. There is a really cool guy from utah that has a chest holster of some type :)
  18. The only facts you've brought to this discussion are that you have an irrational (opinion) fear of folks who lawfully own guns. The only fact is you are uneducated about how to properly own one. Leading me to believe that any conversation with you on this subject is likely to end with you posting more of what you consider facts.

    You are simply uneducated when it comes to the rights and responsibilities of being a gun owner. These statements are enough for me to say, factually, you shouldn't own a gun.

    Another one of your "facts"?
  19. PT, I can only conclude from your post that my ideas constitute a greater threat to you than your guns do to me. Why don't you educate me and anyone still reading this thread what rights and responsibilities you think we should know.

  20. Zen, I don't know why you are going after me. I did not jump on this thread to gain anyone's acceptance or win a popularity contest. As I stated earlier, I am happily entertained to keep addressing the issues that come up in the natural progression of this thread.

    At this point, it seems like we are at the tail end with you and PT still holding out to express your outrage and call me names. Here is a summary of this thread for anyone just popping in:

    "I am going to carry a gun while fly fishing in WA."
    "Really. Why?"
    "Because it's my right."
    "There must be a better reason. Sounds unnecessary, inconvenient and possibly dangerous."
    "Screw you. How dare you question my right? Nobody likes you. You are a jerk."

    My recommendation to the OP who started this thread is to not bother carrying a gun to fish in WA unless he plans to do some shooting. If he chooses to carry, then I recommended carrying it in his pack, as several other here did too.


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