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  1. So, now your facts are ideas? What will they be next?

    Just pointing out nonsense... or at least that's how I view your ramblings. You mention people brandishing their weapons because they can carry. Responsible gun owners don't do that. You mention shooting in the air to clear a path from wildlife. Again, responsible owners don't do that. Someone fires off a few rounds and if you'd have had a gun it would have escalated into possible death. Very much an irresponsible and unrealistic view of why people carry. So, your views are from an uniformed and irrational viewpoint. Only pointing it out.

    I'm not here to change your mind because I really couldn't care less what you think. We're all entitled to our opinions. But, don't confuse your facts for anything other than your opinion.
  2. look at the majority of your posts and see what the content is.. You have managed to hit the ignore list because of your crap.

    If you can't see why I posted what I did you are either ignorant or playing dumb.
  3. Well, PT, based on all I have learned in this fascinating exchange, here is my opinion in a nutshell. Overly sensitive people who lack a sense of humor should not carry guns without adult supervision. Are we done here? Thanks.

  4. At this point, it seems like we are at the tail end with you and PT still holding out to express your outrage and call me names. Here is a summary of this thread for anyone just popping in:

    "I am going to carry a gun while fly fishing in WA."
    "Really. Why?"
    "Because it's my right."
    "There must be a better reason. Sounds unnecessary, inconvenient and possibly dangerous."
    "Screw you. How dare you question my right? Nobody likes you. You are a jerk."

    My recommendation to the OP who started this thread is to not bother carrying a gun to fish in WA unless he plans to do some shooting. If he chooses to carry, then I recommended carrying it in his pack, as several other here did too.

  5. G, I'm still curious on this occupation of yours...(disruptor)...

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  6. The OP asked for a holster recommendation, not your recommendation not to carry, not a rights and responsibilities lecture and not for any other opinion based input.

    This thread started with a question that would have led it in a natural progression...and was long ago sidetracked, mostly, but not only by you.

    The inability to keep on track is a reproducible event in handgun related threads. It is a shame those wishing to learn more about how best to carry while fly fishing are continually subjected to mockery, inquisition and ridicule. Both side lose, communication breaks down and thread history repeats itself.

    Don't like guns, stay out of the cast and blast and avoid all threads with gun suggestive titles.

    Let the damn moderators moderate and stop adding to our workload.
  7. You once again have not contributed any useful information on this thread and continue to only add "white noise". You continue to confuse brandishing which is illegal with a holstered legally possessed weapon. I suspect you could be 15 and want to stir the pot on your mommies computer.

    "Don't tread on me or I may bite"has nothing to do with brandishing a gun or illegal intimidation. In gun terms it is analogous to defending yourself with lethal force against a tyrannical government or a person intending to physically harm you or you family.

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  8. I was referring to holsters in (under) the waders. My waders are closer fit as I don't like a bunch of extra material so I don't have a lot of room to fish around for stuff not outside the waders. The pouch is my current concealed carry option. Its a zipper pull and a grab away.

  9. I think the moderators on here should not allow gun threads period. They ARE political, but are the only political threads allowed on here. CLOSE ALL gun threads. They are unneeded on a fly fishing forum. I rest my case.
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  10. How are gun threads political? I know plenty of Democrats and Republicans that are proud NRA members and avid gun enthusiasts.

  11. Larry, want my job? No? Give it a rest then!
  12. I'm clinging to my bible, my CZ and my Winston... bring it.
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  13. This thread is pooped. Here is a nice sandal holster; quick draw, cheap and multi-purpose. You can put it on your feet after shooting something or someone in self-defense while "fishing" in WA.

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  14. Your job would be much easier if you did not allow these gun threads. It's quite simple. But, … Moderate moderate moderate instead.
  15. Actually, as holsters go, I'm thinking of getting one of these:

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  16. Let the mods moderate. It works best that way. This place would get pretty boring if all we did was discuss 5wt's. I like the loosely moderated forum.
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  17. Anybody know where to get a holster for a Viking battle axe ? As a traditionalist that's what I would like to carry for protection. Larry what type of wine do you carry while fishing white or red?

  18. Dang! I need a bigger holster now. I drink Merlot or Cabernet.
  19. Straight up,merlot is my prefered beach beverage
  20. Tenkara,get yourself a adult beverage and chill out

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