Holy cow...wadeable flows on the Cedar for the opener?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cedar, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Checking the flows on an almost daily basis and I can't remember them being in the 300's this early in the year. Here's to hoping that they don't spike in the next four days!
  2. Lame. I like around 600.
  3. Having your car broken into will help temper your joy :)
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  4. I don't leave anything in my car. I take my registration and proof of insurance with me in a waterproof bag and leave glove box and compartments open. Hopefully they will look in, see there is nothing, and move on to the next car. Probably just fooling myself, but haven't been broken into yet.
  5. I hear they just like to break glass and slash tires
  6. Don't fish in Renton = don't get your car broken into.
  7. Oh it gets worse in the valley, I once saw a tweeker punching a kitten in the throat.
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  8. You've convinced me. I won't stand for throat punching kittens. I'm going to have to change my screen name and everything. Crap.
  9. If you sit in the bushes you can watch them surrounding the car, leering in like raptors from jurrassic park.
    See you there...
  10. Tweakers aside, starting a thread on an internet forum advertising prime flows for the Cedar will mean you'll have plenty of company (and I will have a little less where I am going).
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  11. Let's be real, the cedar has been public fodder since it opened some years ago. Because of accessibility there are going to be a ton of people out on the river. Low flows just means fewer will drown when they try wading in tennis shoes and cut off shorts.
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  12. I give the tweekers hello kitty needles. Confuses the shit out of them.
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  13. Heck, they've already started on the Cedar. Saw a guy fishing there yesterday.
  14. From being there I didn't find it to be crowded or public fodder until the 3rd or 4th season after opening. Kind of interesting, it fished like a dream and the only crowds to contend with were innertubers. Herds of anglers didn't show simply because a 10 year closure reopened in our backyard. They came much later once the porn was posted. Not surprising I guess.
  15. the kitten problem deserved it lets be real
  16. Yes, they have already started, I saw two folks gearing up at River bend park Yesterday morning from the bus. I would have dropped a dime on them but alas I am a no phone throwback.
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  17. that river has been spinner'd by Neanderthals intensely for the last 4 years. There used to be some big fish in there. Now, if I want to wrangle some dinks I'll just hike around the middle fork area or leave earlier and hit the yakima.
  18. I drive through Renton to Maple Valley everyday for work. Year round there are poachers and people of all sorts doing stupid, most times illegal activities throughout the entire 12 mile stretch of river. That being said, I fish it everyday it's open
  19. Put that poaching hotline on speed dial in your phone. WDFW is my most called number when salmon start moving up South Sound rivers.
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  20. For the lazy, from the WDFW site:
    Poaching / Violations or
    Dangerous Wildlife Complaints
    TEXT Your Poaching / Violation Tip
    Enter WDFWTIP (a space) and the Report
    Send to: 847411 (TIP411)
    Reports are completely anonymous
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