Holy cow...wadeable flows on the Cedar for the opener?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cedar, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Fished it tonight, flows spiked back up a bit!
  2. Fished tonight. Wasn't too bad. The first fish I caught made my reel sing and brought me down to my backing. Measured @ 19". That was on my third or fourth cast so I was hoping that it was a sign of things to come. It wasn't. I was able to land 6 or 7 more 8-10" fish over the next couple hours and bailed around 1945.
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  3. Love that military time!

    Went in morning and had a great day also. Heading back out Monday morning with my bro to see if we can have another great day!
  4. ME TOO!!!!! Possibly the last trip till October 2015...
  5. How were the flows this morning with the recent rains?
  6. perfect no issues at all. I was able to go anywhere without a problem, plus I used waist highs and never ever came close to maybe knee height.
  7. Which cedar creek?

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  8. oh everybody already knows the cedar...its not hotspotting if everyone knows it...bla blah.
    Lets stop talking before everyone starts asking questions;)
  9. saw two different cars setting up when I went by the river this morning before 8:00. Single guy was at the RR trestle. The two guys were gearing up at the walkway that leads to the sheltered area.
    how did you do? I almost hit it last night. Thinking maybe tonight or tomorrow night just to say I did
  10. May have to hit it tonight after such a stellar day at work.Here's hopin' the clouds stay and the rain holds.
  11. I wonder if you were in the black truck that swig into the parking lot as I was putting my waders on. We'll either way I hit the river this morning. I didn't do well at all. Water seemed to be higher and faster than last week. No fish for me at all. I slipped and fell in as I was calling it quits.. Got to the car, dried off and grabbed a slice of day old pizza my wife packed for me.. Turned out to have an anchovies on it.. Blew chunks... She got me good!!! I will get my revenge!!!
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  12. I plan to go. olive outback parked by the bridge by the gold course. I'll be working upstream
  13. Be careful, even on these little rivers!!

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  14. Ah, nature's air conditioning. So far have only dunked myself once in 2014, which after posting, will increase by 500% next weekend.
  15. no love me me last night. I'm not a good river fisherman, but I got out and did some casting. The water was moving pretty good where I was (by the gold cart bridge) so I was not expecting much. I live less then 10 minutes from the Cedar soI had to put a little effort in. What did not work for me: prince nymph with a WD40 trailer or a solo sculpin. I did stay dry though
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  16. Cedar river dink

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  17. It's fishing consistently well over the past few weeks. It was up a foot or so yesterday after the rain, but is coming back down today. The past three days have had constant action swinging big ugly streamers or large stonefly's into pockets and tailouts. When the water rises, I find these fish stack up in the shady undercuts against the banks and places they don't usually sit. The big boys get pretty skiddish, but they still have to eat. I pulled one 20" bruiser out of a deep fast run today, and think I set a new personal record for muscling a bow that big in and getting him back in , but really hitting the banks and under the trees has been dynamite. If your losing flies, you're fishing it right. I have hit my favorite spot four times this week, and every time the fish were in slightly different spots, but I have found some hogs every time. I was teaching my dad to turn a double nymph rig this morning, and he had a lot of average 8"-10" , and one really fat 16" bow to hand, and a day on the river with my dad is about as good as it gets.
    I took a few guys out last year, and am totally happy to hook up with anybody wanting to come lose some flies with me.
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  18. Hey guys, I guess you could say I am a "Long time Listener-First time Caller" on the forum. I am looking to put some more time in on the water, and being in Everett I think the Cedar is my best bet for a quick afternoon/evening session. Any suggestions on where to NOT go, due to muggers, crank yanks, and bad fishing. I will also take advice on where to go, PM if thats your style. Thanks!
  19. If you're just looking for into, Orvis is teaching a free Cedar class this Thursday at 18:00.
  20. Thanks for the Intel... I will see if I can make the seminar. Free BEER!?

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