Holy cow...wadeable flows on the Cedar for the opener?

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  1. I might hit the cedar up today. If you can stand to fish with someone in shorts. I don't break out my waders unless its cold. I would love to pick someone's brain.
  2. Tinman; Do you ever float the cedar? It seems like it would be a good option although I have only fished it a few times.
  3. I have floated portions of it when it is higher, but I have established private access over the past years to all the stretches I prefer to fish. It's a funny river because it changes quite a bit year-to year. That said, I am considering a float from above maple valley on a smaller toon in the next weeks. I know a guy who does it a lot, though he has to get out to negotiate some pretty shallow places or trees and logs over the river. If you want to try it, I'll do it with you.
    I'll be out there tomorrow morning and Friday morning.
  4. Fished about a mile stretch this morning with the goal of trying out some new patterns I have tied up lately. I like to show these fish different things when they get pressured as hard as they have been this month. This season has seen more pressure than I have seen in years actually.
    Anyhow, off the bench today was a new golden stone that took a nice cutt and a really thick slab of a bow that measures 18" in the net.
    Both pink and chartreuse frenchies have been producing lots of cutts.
    The crazy one today was a gold ribbed mylar prince nymph variation tied on 12 and 14 scud hooks. I tied them with a UV peacock dubbing collar, a chartreuse hotspot one, and a pink hotspot one. I couldn't keep the fish off those today....it was crazy. At one point I finally took it off as the dropper so I could see if the stone would get any love. I hooked into one of those stupidly giant whitefish on the chartreuse mylar prince as well....that was a losing battle from the start.
    Here is the prince variation in UV peacock. If anyone wants the recipe let me know, but it's pretty self explanatory.
  5. thats a great nymph. Id take a SBS for it
  6. Here you go.....I don't know how big these will show up, I am uploading them from my phone.
    Hook: Daiichi 1120
    Bead: 1/8"
    Underbody: .015" lead free weight
    Tail: Brown good biots
    Body: Pearl flashabou tinsel
    Rib: Copper Ultra Wire
    Thorax: Peacock herl
    Wings: White goose biots
    Collar/ finish thorax: UV ice dub Olive brown

    Wrap about eight wraps of lead snug against bead and secure.

    Tie in brown biots for tail

    Tie in wire and tinsel

    Wrap tinsel forward and secure, then counter wrap wire and secure.

    Tie in and wrap two peacock herls to form thorax.

    Tie in whit biot wings. These take a little effort to get to lay closer to the body due to the chunky thorax. WP_20140710_006.jpg

    Dub tiny amount of ice olive brown to form a dubbing collar and give the fly a finished look.
    I have also used pink and chartreuse for the collar instead to create a hotspot, and they all worked awesome.

    These will be in my nymph box for a while, they murdered.
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  7. Here is the chartreuse and pink ones. WP_20140710_010.jpg
  8. those are great. I think Im going to try a few with orange
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  9. Tinman if your guide fee is a 6 pack you got yourself a client on the cedar
  10. i'm curious about the water temperatures up high (around Landsburg). i'm planning on bringing a friend out on river who doesn't have waders. would wet wading be comfortable or do you think it would be too cold for her to go without waders?

  11. Super comfy for wet wading. I deifinitley prefer it over waders this time of year
  12. What's emerging? Any ideas. Fish rising everywhere last night. Another question. Dollies? Are they in there? Caught a couple small fish last night that kinda looked like they maybe juvenile dollies. 8-10 inches.
  13. Tweakers emerge during the night on the Cedar, that's probably what it was.
  14. Lol. Yeah as i was leaving last night they were starting to roll in. I never park in the parks. Always park on the roads. I never leave anything that looks like it could have some value in the car but you never really know what a tweaker might break your window for. I just wish I could catch someone breaking into cars.
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