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  1. That would be my choice against a single intruder---perhaps against a 2nd---but then again the sound of chambering an 870 or similar pump action will generally get attention...in any case at short range a shotgun will stop anyone, but will make a mess.
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  2. Short pump gun with pistol grip (where legal) and a forearm slide handle will get the job done. Keep it to 410 gauge and you will minimize damage (a bit) to your home.
  3. I like to think that my 870 express is a good choice. You know what the experts say........ If you give them a chance to hear it, that is already giving them too much. I picked the 12ga because I don’t need the Velocity of my .223 ripping past walls
  4. Definitely the pump shotgun:
    - Has firing group interrupt to safely leave a round chambered
    - Can slam-clear a stuck shell
    - No "assault rifle" stories to be made-up in the court room

    And with a SureFire light in the fore-grip so I can see the target.
  5. 870 express is a good choice for most anything.
  6. I've found my Mossberg 500 to be accurate enough and powerful enough to stop an intruder at a range equal to my house at it's widest point. With the short (18 1/4 inches) barrel it handles well in close quarters, operates flawlessly and is comfortable to shoot.
  7. Yeah, the veep is a real firearm afficianado/expert . . . I particularly liked the quote to " . . . fire thru the door if you think someone is a threat . . . " that I saw on another forum. No argument that a shottie is universal, however . . . but if I ever need to "fire two shots," they won't be directed "up in the air." I'd sooner take advice from Jeff Dunham's puppet, Walter . . .
  8. I'd second the 870 with extended mag, buck&ball for the loads (or flechettes if you can get them!) I've used mine once for home defense--se habla shotgun! And yes, the dirtbag was carrying.

    What surprises me is that anyone would take the sputterings of that fucking moron of a veep seriously!
  9. Alex,

    Haven't seen a flechette round since Nam. They were devastating out of a 105, never saw any fired from a 12 gauge, though the 12 gauge was popular. I wonder where you could find any?

    Agreed on the fuckin moron.
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  10. I once saw a youtube video taken from a helo, of a bunch of Iraqis trying to pry an unexploded 105 round out of hard pack with the barrels of their AK's. Not the brightest stars in the firmament, to be sure. This one guy sticks his muzzle in front of the shell, gives a few good tugs on the buttstock, and proceeds to turn himself and his buddies into a gas cloud. All I could think of was "way to go, Gomer"!

    Seems to me I saw boxes of just the flechettes themselves for sale on the internet somewhere. You'd have to have a reloading press, and experiment with the seating depth of the wad cup, but it shouldn't be that difficult. They did a decent job back 40 years ago, and I'd guess they'd work just as good today!

    By the way, welcome home, brother. We didn't get much of that, did we.
  11. I tweaked one of my shotguns for home defense, but I'm too lazy to open the safe to take it out or put it away every time I go somewhere.
    My usual carry piece should work. If its 15 rounds aren't enough there's a 33-round stick on the nightstand next to it.
  12. A 12-gauge CZ Hammer Coach is a great "Intimidator." Unfortunately, if I have cause to pick it up & ear-back the hammers, the "intimidation" window is going to be be very small Ya pays your money, takes your chance/makes a really stupid decision . . . and then ya dance . . . #1 Buck is nasty for the recipient (also hard to find, but it doesn't penetrate walls very well.).
  13. [quote="By the way, welcome home, brother. We didn't get much of that, did we.[/quote]

    Back at ya, Brother. No, we didn't get much of that, still don't unless it's from another Viet Nam Vet. Spent my first 65,66 and 67 in-country with the 173d (1/503d PIR) and then 70, 71 with C/75th Rangers and 71, 72 with 17th CAG.

    I remember seeing some flechette rounds for the M-79. They were a favorite when down in the local vill having a couple "33" beers. A sawed off M-79 was really pretty concealable under jungle fatigues, as well as a 1911.
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  14. I'd need more than a couple of beers now, to want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! Looks like you bracketed my time, `67-late 69, first at Nha Be, then Nam Can. I always liked the 79, but I really liked the ol` H&K MP-5: sweet little toy! Subsonic rounds and a big can on the front, and it was really quiet. I wonder if that's on Biden's list of OK home defense weapons!
  15. Given the choice, I'm in the SG camp too. Warning an intruder is incredibly dangerous.

    So I'm inclined to use a pistol (more maneuverable) as SBS (total length under 24") are not lega in WA. I want to use a biometric safe. I'd rather get shot defending my home then have a little one die because I did not control access to a firearm. BUT I think one of those new fangled (to me) biometric-enabled safes would be the answer. Has anyone used these safes?
  16. It would seem to me the home defense instrument depends on the individual. In times of terror (combat or otherwise) there are three responses: fight, flight or freeze. Military boot camp for Marines, Navy and Army is designed to eliminate flight and freeze from those options. Law enforcement officers go through a similar process. The issue I have is most folks do NOT have the training to actually function in a real self-defense situation, Mr. Biden being one of those, regardless of which weapon they use.

    If I'm going to fight I have my preferred instrument, my wife, on the other hand I'm not so sure she would engage deadly force no matter how much training she has. Thus, she has other means. The worst thing is for someone to point a firearm, or knife, at an intruder/attacker and say "If you come any closer..". The perp disarms them and uses the weapon on them.

    The most dangerous thing that I know is a politician, I fear them more that the "individual" who might be so stupid as to enter my home when I'm there.
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  17. Nah, it's the idiots that keep them in office...that will be our doom. Who would have thought that sheep are dangerous...?
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  18. Based on what I've heard from Biden, if brains was nitroglycerine, he wouldn't have enough to fart.
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  19. 12 ga., 8 shot, short barreled, pump Mossberg loaded with #4 buck. If you get over the five foot fence, past the two dogs and into the house you're one dumb son of a bitch, 'cause now the owner is going to make burger outa ya. Screw the mess.

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