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  1. I hear you on this Paul! I have 1000's of hooks from years ago - 80's But still have to buy hooks like scud hooks or 2 x strong or specialty hooks I just have to have for a pattern. For number 10 through say 4 I have a ton. sending a PM' for possible 100 lot hooks from me but we might have to meet for a fishing trip to keep your gas bill down! I'll give you a call!
  2. For the price of something to double, raw material double, manufacturing double, tax doubles, shipping doubles, profit doubles and then retails doubles. Not always, but raw material is just a small fraction of the cost to manufacture and retail a product usually. Sure, raw material will raise the cost to manufacture, but I believe it's an excuse to put a little extra in the profit end.
  3. That's a tough assignment. Old farts like me basically have two operating states; slightly amused or irritable. 'Irritable' is too much work, and it pisses off the old lady, so I'll stick with 'slightly amused'.
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  4. For those that might want to accuse this fly shop with ripping off their customers might want to do some research about how much this model/brand/size costs elsewhere. The average is $9 a pack in this size and this fly shop has very comparable market prices. Given the intent of use, I would have chosen a 5262 or 5263 and adjusted my size accordingly due to the different shank length. These are generally a bit cheaper at $6 a pack.
  5. I'm starting to buy the higher quality hooks.

    However I seem to be grabbing barbless competition hooks from a company called Hanak.
    A 25 pack is $8 but what I like is there is no chance of breaking a hook when I debard them.

    They are also super sharp out of the box and made with a nice heavy wire. I had a set of barbless allen pupa hooks, bought Hanak ones and I have way more confidence in the Hanak to hold a fish. The Allen ones were way to flimsy for my liking.

  6. Makes you think huh? 7 years ago, oil was around $145 a barrel - and gas was around $4.25 a gallon.

    Now, oil is around $95 a barrel, and gas hit as high as $3.89 a gallon. Hmm... That ratio seems off doesn't it?

    One has to understand the economic "buying power" of the US Dollar, when it comes to these things.

    When you print more money (US Dollars), the buying power of that dollar goes down. When the buying power goes down, it takes more to buy the same product.

    http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ These numbers are a bit on the conservative side, but it's the simplest calculator I could find.

    What this chart does not take into consideration, is the cost of raw materials going up, labor, shipping, etc. - and they are felling the affect of the devaluing of the dollar as well. Thus, passing their loss/cost on to the consumer.

    I'm with Sg (although probably not as... "seasoned"), I can remember $3.87 for a pack that is $8 or $9 now.
  7. What really gets me is how much we all spend on rods, reels, and line to fish with and then just put the fish you catch back into the water for somebody else to catch down the road. So why bitch about the price of hooks when all you are doing is catch and release.

    Edit: I used to fish with gear. When I lost a set up to the bottom or the other side of the river I just tied on another setup. Or when fishing with spinners, I'd lose one and then just put another one on. I never worried about the price of fishing gear or gas. When I need something I usually just went out and bought it. If I didn't have the money I didn't get it. But buying hooks for the tying of flies is a bargain at almost any price.. Try buying 25 flies at 6 bucks a pack. It ain't happening.
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  8. One other thing to consider is that ALL retailers, including flyshops are in it for the money. Tom

  9. I'd hope so. I don't know anyone who does the opposite... at least on purpose.
  10. If they are not in it for the money they don't last long.:D Think the Waltons do it for the benefit of the consumer?:eek:
  11. The good old days!

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  12. I'm always browsing the bargain basket for useful hooks at any shop.
  13. Listen. All us old farts should get a "senior citizen discount" at all fly shops. Looked at the price of some of these ridiculous small packages of feathers lately? Hogwash. Frankly, I'm getting tired of being "ripped" in the fly shop for an extra $2-$3, but, I still end up purchasing something just so they don't know I am a "real" cheapskate at times. :D
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  14. Problem is...about the only people I see in fly shops, or on the water, are old farts. Young people oughta be getting the discounts to encourage their interest.
  15. I don't get a senior discount at my local fly shop. But I get my discount when I purchase my fishing license. Can't hardly beat 8 bucks to fish all year in a state with blue ribbon skinny water. And they are usually open all year around. None of those silly closures
  16. Shouldn't you be out shoveling snow off your driveway?
  17. :p:p:p:p
  18. Jimbo, don't you have a snowplow for your ATV yet?
  19. It's 34 degrees this morning. I think it might be starting to get nicer out this week. Now I have to get up out of this comfortable chair and go fishing.Hell the sun is even shining.

    No snow plow. Don't need one on a sidewalk 25 feet long. No driveway to plow. I have a snow shovel to do the heavy work when I feel like it that is. The city has an ordnance for you to keep your sidewalks in front of your house clean. I told them I would keep it clean of snow when they started to take care of the roads in town when it snowed. It has snowed many time this winter. I only cleaned the sidewalk one time. I'm still waiting for them to sand the roads, even if it's only at the corners. This is one thing they are very lax at.

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