Hope my HARDY FLYWEIGHT reel come home today.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Had to send it in for repair to Hardy USA. Bent the spool. Can't figure out how that happened.
    Ken sent it back last Friday so I am hoping it will arrive today. Miss that little critter.

    Thinking of taking some BWOs to the local lake that is open year round and giving it a work out.
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  2. Thant Ken fellow is an OK guy in my book, I just wish the Hardy "service" had more of a visible presence, and Pennsylvania is as far away as the moon. Glad you and your reel will soon be re-united.
  3. Correct about that. I did have to send one of my Zenith reels in for some repair, and sent it to Bill Archuletal in Grants Pass, Oregon.
    He did a good job, and I got the reel back in less than a week.
    Hardy was a tad cheaper but it was a different problem. Ken gave him good marks for his work though.
  4. They constitute a small group of beloved near-dinosaurs, those reel repair guys. Both those mentioned are real gentlemen. Ken recently scored gears and bearings for my Zenith multiplier, a task fit for a super-hero!
  5. YES, Thank goodness they are around. I have five Hardy reels, all of the LRH type, and they are all at least twenty five years old. Things that old begin to wear out. Good that parts and repairs can still be made. These reels were all made in England, but I understand that they have move to Korea now.
  6. I think some of the manufacturing is still originating in England on some models, but you're right about Korean sourcing too.

    They've been acquired by a larger firm in the sporting goods business, and reportedly will continue operations "seamlessly". I have my reservations (for reasons I won't post publicly).

    I own an English Marquis Salmon 1, a Korean Salmon 1, a St. John, and a Zenith Multiplier--love 'em all.
  7. Seamless seems like such a harsh word. I have seen this practice in action, and seldom, if ever, is it quite as described.

    That is to say, that there are some fine reels made in the far east.
  8. Alas, no reel today!
  9. Alas, no reel on Saturday. Perhaps Monday!
  10. Who is Ken?

  11. Ken is the repair specialist at Hardy USA. I do not know his title but
    I believe he is the king pin there. Not sure how many folks are in the Department. He is the only one I have had contact with.

    Seems to be a very helpful and friendly guy.

    Hope the reel finds it's way home tomorrow.
  12. Why, isn't raining there. You can't fish in the rain. You might melt or rust.
  13. Rain? yep!
    Wind? Not so much today. Had it yesterday.
    But the power is back up and running. Now if Xfinity could get my TV working, I would be good to go. Momma could watch TV and I could go fish, if I had a reel.

  14. Need a loaner? I have an old Lamson with a 5 weight floater that you could use for a few days.
  15. Thanks, but this is the reel for my 2 wt.

    I have several other reels. In fact I have three 5 wt reels and for extra spools, so I am not
    really all that much in a bind.

    But thank you for the offer.
  16. IT IS HERE!

    Ken made it look and function like new!
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