How 22 ammo is manufactured

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  2. Jim Ficklin

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    Interesting, Tom. Thanks for the tour. You'd think there'd be some available somewhere, huh?
  3. Mike Munro

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    Pretty cool process. But you're right, Jim. How is it that they're shipping 4 million rounds a day and and it's damn near impossible to find them anywhere?
  4. Upton O

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    Neat stuff, thanks for sharing that, Tom.
  5. Roper

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    I love watching "How it's Made" and other shows like that. Having been involved in manufacturing of one sort or the other since I left high school, it's my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing that one Tom.

    BTW, have you started shed hunting yet this year?
  6. Islander

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    Cool video, thanks. I usually watch Shooting USA but missed that segment. Four million rounds a day........I only need a couple of hours worth. :D
  7. Alex MacDonald

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    Thanks, Tom! I shot CCI Green Tag ammo exclusively when I competed in the Biathlon. Carried 1,000 rounds of it into Sarajevo in `84, along with 50 rounds of Ely Biathlon Match and 50 rounds of Lapua cold-weather. Never had a misfire with CCI, never had accuracy problems, never had anything but dependable, accurate little zingers. I still have both the Ely and the Lapua, but I've long ago shot up the Green Tag I carried then! Great ammo.
  8. freestoneangler

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    That is cool. And, I had no idea CCI was located so close by...wonder if they offer factory tours and free samples :D... I too love seeing these "how it's made video's".