How Do I Send Someone A Private Message?

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  1. Evidentally I've sent PMs in the past because I have old messages still in my inbox but now I can't figure how to send a PM now. On other forums I just click on the persons name a that option pops up. I want to thank a member for somehelp but can't figure out how to do it now. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. They are called conversations now. Just click on their profile/name and the page should show up.
  3. Why is a PM now called a conversation if it's still the same thing as a PM? I'm too old to waste what little time I have left trying to figure out new ways to to do old things!
  4. The old system was more limited in offline discussion. The new system acts like a private discussion instead of quick messenger. That's especially helpful to small groups who would rather carry on discussion in private. I suspect the naming change was to stay away from the old software copyright.

    Click on anyone's name or avatar to explode their options and there click on "start a conversation". You can do that or just go right into your Inbox, towards the upper right. You can type in names of people on the forum you would like to start a conversation with and go from there.
  5. Ok I was having the same trouble and thought the coversations were more for a group because you had the option to invite more people than the person you were trying to PM

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