How do you cook your steaks?

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  1. you really know how to poach a thread :)
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  2. Yup. That's hash with eggs cooked over the top at the last minute. I always serve them with fresh rolls.
  3. Oh, and the low country boil above. I did have some leftovers. Put them in the ice box and then reused it ALL for breakfast the next morning.


    Then add a couple dozen eggs

    Then serve. Sorry, we were STARVING by time it was done, was too busy eating to take finished pics. :)
  4. I like mine black and blue chicago style, charred on the outside, bluerare on the inside.
  5. Ok.....i forgot about steak for a minute there; Jerry's fault.
    I've been pan searing all winter; works great on cast iron. Simple, easy, reliable, tasty.
    Ok, so it's not JERRY cooking,'ll have to do. :)
  6. sdfkjdfkljsd kj iuwoijfklj...gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ you guys suck.... I havent had anything to eat today.
    Forgot my lunch, and the wife sent out the house payment so no jack n the box for me....
    I think I am having steak for dinner though....
  7. With the pan sear method, don't be afraid to get that pan "ash" hot. The pan will turn a grayish color...not only steaks, but pork loin too.

    Sear the loin with three turns for a few minutes and in the oven it goes. Cooks neat and clean and fast. Pan gravy is spectacular too.

    Just be sure not to grab the damn pan after it comes out of the oven, its a good 6-7 days in healing, or so I'm told.
  8. Pork Tenderloin too and even a thick skinless salmon fillet with some mayo based coating on the top. I use the side burner on the grill to pan sear in some olive oil and then move the pan onto the covered grill on medium (350F ish) to finish. Left the middle burner off so the pan side didn't get too done. Got a nice little crust on the pan side of the salmon and then a little browning on the mayo coating topside. Remove meal from pan while on grill and leave pan on grill so you don't have to touch the pan again until it's cool. :)
  9. I don't do it always, but many times I heat the cast iron skillet very hot on the side burner of my grill, sear the steaks on both sides for a few minutes, then I open the grill and lay the steaks on the low heat side. If I'm taking my time and enjoying a glass of Pendleton, I'll have added some soaked apple or hickory chips to the grill to add some smokey flavor. Before cooking I usually rub the steaks with a mixture of salt, coarse ground black pepper, and garlic and let them sit for 1/2 hr or hour at room (outside temp if camping) before cooking. While the steaks sit is a great time to pour yourself a glass of Pendleton and have a little smoked salmon, cream cheese, & jalapeno jelly over triscuits to get your appetite going.

    That Potato Salad in your photo looks freakin' tastey.
  10. Wow Ive, steak 3 times a week for years? I grew up in a meat and potatoes family, but cut back on beef years ago, in hopes of living healthy longer. As for cooking style, I BBQ steak on my charcoal grill, even in the winter (covered deck in rainy w. WA). I like the idea of cooking 'em on cast iron on the stove, but haven't had the nerve to try it. I like the charcoal flavor, but am now reading that cooking food over charcoal may be yet another cancer causer.

    I like steak rare to med. rare. I heard a chef say years ago that people who like steak well done would like ground beef just as well, and that over-cooking is a waste of a steak.

  11. Solid camp cooking right there Jerry! I know that exact campsite, but I won't tell...
  12. Lol, the old location of Red's tent cabins isn't that secret.
  13. Porcini Rub
    • 1/2 cup Kosher Salt
    • 2 Tbsp. Black Pepper
    • 1 cup Porcini Powder
    1. Combine all ingredients.
    Preparing the Delmonico
    • 22oz Delmonico( ribeye) Steak 1 each
    • 2 Tbsp olive oil
    • 2 Tbsp porcini rub
    • 2 tsp 8 year Balsamic 2 tsp
    • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
    • 1/2 oz watercress garnish
    1. Coat the delmonico steak with olive oil and the porcini rub and allow to rest for five minutes.
    2. Sear the delmonico in the broiler or iron skillet evenly on each side (approximately four minutes per side for medium rare)
    3. Place the delmonico steak, bone at the 1 o’clock position, in the center of a large round plate
    4. Dot the aged vinegar and extra virgin olive oil around the plate.
    5. Garnish with watercress and serve immediately.
  14. I suppose you might live longer, and those last couple years in the nursing home will be a joy!;) Ive is 70 something and in excellent health. My Dad has lived on red meat his whole life and is now 88 and doing well. My thought is be moderate (steak 3 times a week qualifies as moderate!) but certainly eat food you enjoy, because we only go around once and life is too short for tofu burgers! Rick
  15. Holy crap I'm moving to Snohomish.....
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  16. Dammit, Daschofsky, you're an evil man:D... here I sit, nursing a cup of coffee and a Cliff Bar while the foot gets a mag resonance "bone growth stimulator" treatment-for the next three hours...

    However, I've been known to sear the steaks pretty much like the rest of you do, and when they're almost done, flame them with a 1/4 cup of bourbon. That's CHEAP bourbon, Lonnie; not the good stuff!
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  17. On the grill. Hottest coals I can get. Cast iron grill as hot as I can get it. Steaks hit the grill for a couple of minutes each side with a 45 degree turn to get the grill marks. Drop the coals to the bottom of the grill (my coal bed can be raised and lowered), move the steaks to the upper shelf of grill and slam the lid shut. This holds the heat like an oven and also allows the steaks to smoke a bit. Cook steaks for another 2 to 3 minute per side or until desired doneness. Serve.
  18. Ive, from reading your original post, I believe you asked how people actually cook their steaks, not how they season them or what sides they serve along with them.

    I have a serious foodie friend who converted me to his method several years ago. Once I started grilling his way, I haven't used my grill to cook a steak since.

    Instead, I heat a Lodge Cast Iron Square Grill Pan ( over a medium flame on my gas cooktop until it starts to smoke. Next, drop room-temp steaks, pork, or lamb chops seasoned or marinated to taste onto the pan and cook for about 1 to 1-1/2 minutes a side for 1" thick cuts for rare to medium-rare (a tad longer for pork chops cooked medium).

    That's it. Quick and easy, no walking back and forth outside to check the grill (a huge plus during winter), and perfect results every time.

  19. Damn Jerry, that's some seriously good looking table fare! As for my steaks, I burn them. Yup, much to my wife, family and friends abhor, when asked at home or eating out "how do you like your steak cooked", I respond "well done" butterfly my fillet mignon done :eek:
  20. [​IMG]

    That's what it looked like the night before. ;)

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