How do YOU straighten your leader?

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  1. Are your leaders coiling? Do you get frustrated with tangles in your casting? Well now there's a new idea, you tape your leader to the wall. I'm trying it out, and I'm going to see if it straightens my line, crossin' my fingers. And like the title says, " How do YOU straighten YOUR leader?".
  2. Stretch it
  3. stretch it thru a piece of old inner tube.
  4. I've stretched it many ways, but what I'm looking for is something almost perfectly straight.
  5. there's always going to be memory in monofilament brother. besides nothing is perfect in this world
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  6. It's unfortunate. Well, I guess spit, grit, and some stretching will do.
  7. I grab it at the knots of each section of tippet and pull it out( stretch it).
  8. I dont.

    A perfectly straight leader is not necessary for the fishing I do.
  9. Before I start fishing, I use the weather-stripping on the car door to stretch out a badly coiled leader.
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  10. My friend Tony, taught this old fly fisher a new trick. You can laugh, but I have stretched it, used rubber inner tube, etc. It is so simple, I had to laugh. Go ahead and do your normal stretching. But, after, stretch it across the knee of your pants or blue jeans and rub it back and forth while stretching. Why the hell that is different, I know not! But, it works much better!!!! Now go try it skeptics!! Don't just read this! I was amazed. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
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  11. Hook a 24" trout first every time
  12. I've heard that using rubber to stretch the leader creates heat that deteriorates the line...any truth to that?

    I just grasp it between my fingers and palm, and pull it thru. It tends to work about as good as anything.
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  13. Hook into a large fish.:D
  14. if your getting tangles when your casting its not the leader. its your casting your putting your arm down to soon. after the forward stop wait a second then put your arm down.
  15. I pull it through my bare hands. If it gets too hot, I slow down so as not to fatigue the leader/tippet. I've used those leather patches, inner tube, etc but they generate a lot of heat unless you do it really slow. You won't feel that heat. My reasoning is simple -- I wouldn't leave my leader or tippet on the dashboard of my car in the summer, so why submit it to that sort of heat when I straighten it?

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  16. Furled leaders here :D
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  17. Furled is the best! Anyone who says they are too short should know I used one on a 6wt fishing a morning trico hatch last summer and did well. Just add a few feet of tippet and some floatant and fish tangle free!
  18. Stretching the leader works well enough to get a coiled leader relatively straight. Running it through an inner tube, leader straightener (rubber lined) or along your pant leg, etc. creates friction/warmth that monofilament responds to. Friction causes it to take the shape. If you stretch it and hold it straight, it will assume that straight shape, for the most part. You can also heat with a hair drier but must be careful not to overheat it or the strength will be lessened. How hot? Who knows? Try it. I've straightened 60 lb. to make shock tippets that are almost straight.
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  19. I've always wanted to try those furled leaders, but never did. To cheap I guess. I just pull it straight. If it is on the butt section I'll use a leader straightener. Sometime the heavier the leader the harder it is to pull the coils out.
  20. Go to your local tackle shop and buy a one foot section of rubber tubing used for steelhead gear fishing. Cut it into six 2" long sections.
    Run the leader through a section of tubing. Pinch the tubing between your fingers and pull the leader through it.
    One foot of tubing will last you a lifetime of leader straightening.
    Easy to carry on your vest, tube, pack etc.
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