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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by runner, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. purchased an item posted by a new member (nothing against new members, I have been a new member since 2007) two weeks ago - guy even stated that I would have a 7 day inspection period - he did not have a paypal account (mistake on my part) so I sent a check - check is cashed - no item, no reponse to conversation posts - all I have is his name and address - waiting patiently daily hoping for it to show up. Second time I got the bad end of a handshake. Mike - PHW Atlanta
  2. I suspect that with the NewTyer episode the board will have little tolerance for scammers. I hope the other party has a good story.
  3. Send me a conversation and give me all the details.
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  4. Good luck. I've been a bit slow buying items after I agree to buy them, but I've never taken money and then not given an item. Unless I know them or have seen that they have sold a lot of other items, I prefer face to face.
  5. Rarely happens on fly fishing boards but those scumbags do exist.
  6. This is a good example of why its important to rate your transactions with other members. A good/bad, buyer/seller rating can easily tell you whether or not you should be wary of doing business with someone. I also do not buy items from "new" members( only has a couple posts). If I do I request that the money is sent as a gift so the transaction cannot be disputed.
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  7. About a year ago on another board a new guy posted a rod I was very interested in purchasing. I contacted him and he didn't want to use PayPal. I then suggested we meet at about a half way point for a hand to hand transaction, he didn't want to do that as he said it was too far to drive. He dropped the name of a fly shop owner and said I could check with him for verification (I know who the shop owner is but do not know him personally). I then pulled out of the deal because it just didn't seem right. I got a very indignant email from the guy for questioning his honesty. The guy was probably 100% legitimate but with all the "rip offs" that are occurring via the internet one has to be very careful, especially of new posters.
  8. I have purchased and sold items on this forum and so far everything has gone great. But, I cannot figure out how to leave ratings for the people I have dealt with. Can someone PM me the instructions? Thanks.
  9. I don't think two weeks is that long, at all. Remember, you're dealing with an individual, not a business. Many people wait a few days to ensure a check clears before sending out the item. Let's see, a few days for the check to where it's going, a few days for the check to clear, a few days to find a box to wrap the package (if it's a rod or a bigger item, sometimes it's a pain in the rear and takes a while to find a box for it - been there, done that) and to get it to a carrier, maybe the person is gone for a few days because it's the end of school and summer has started and they're taking off with their kids, or maybe they just went fishing, or ... two weeks isn't unheard of, at all.
  10. I only do transactions by paypal. Who writes checks anymore anyway? If you're selling something you should be prepared to send it by the next day after getting payment, none of this needing a couple days to find a box bs. If you're planning on going somewhere for a few days or a week then list the item when you get back. The whole premise of on line forum selling is integrity, on both sides. As a seller, let the buyer know that you got the payment, when the item was shipped, and check in after its received. If I dont hear from someone two weeks after I've bought something then there's a real issue and I'm getting downright fidgety and suspicious. I've done dozens of transactions between here, Speypages, and FlyBC, I've never had a problem but chances are I eventually will. At the end of the day.......... its your money that's floating around out there.
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  11. For anything of value, to me over $50, I request a USPS money order.
    They cost $0.50 and can be cashed at any post office...you walk out cash-in-hand.
    That said, the last two classifieds I have posted involved mailing genuine US currency and the deal went smoothly.
  12. Wow Wes, must be nice to have a free schedule and live right next door to a post office. I'm jealous.

    NOW, for the rest of us, even in MY profession, I can't just mail stuff out that day. I unfortunately don't get a discount through work, and for smaller items I send via USPS since I'm not worried about timeframe to get to the doorstep. But since most Post Offices hours are so finite, it's hard for most working individuals to get there and mail off their packages. And yes, you can preprint label (even for USPS) and drop it off, but since most of my items are too big and the carriers don't just pickup the packages as described on the commercials, most of us can't get to the PO while they are open to safely drop off or send out the packages. And I give that leeway to the person I'm buying from as well. Having 25 years in the industry, I do believe I have a little "insight" on how things work (and yes, I do work with USPS too, we carry their surepost packages for them since they can't handle the volume).

    Maybe I'm jaded a bit by this post. Why? Because I live in reality. I love hearing "it only takes a minute". Hmmmmm. Try working 12 hours a day doing a physical labor job (a real one lol), doing non profit work, taking care of a family, then trying to remember to send off a "got your payment" email. Again, I get my stuff sent out pretty damned quick, just not next day. Especially if they use a check (and yes Wes, A LOT of people use checks still, I do a couple hundred transactions a month, and almost half are via check), I wait for that check to clear before I even order the gear they need. Nothing worse then being stuck with almost $400 of supplies or gear that I can't use and would have a hard time selling.

    Onto money orders, AGAIN, do NOT send item right away. Why? Because they can be falsified as well. Make sure it's cashed first. Again, it's a job hazard, I've had the pleasure to deal with falsified bank checks and PO MO. So make sure you get the cash on that one as well. With the age of laser printers, they can do phenominal work that even a lot of trained eyes can't catch. It's scary.
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  13. I should add. For the timeframe in question. Give it a couple more days. After reading your history you sent me, I'd give it another week. I for one HATE Paypal. It's been pissing me off a lot lately. So I can see why they may not want to use it. Almost wouldn't let me take my money out from a few transactions I had done. So can see why some would be put off by it.
  14. BTW, sorry to sound harsh people, but I know a LITTLE bit more about shipping then most (unless you work for in the shipping department of a large producer, and I don't mean the UPS store either lol). If you're not doing something as a business, it's hard to say you can get the product out "next day". Now, if my customer wants to pay UPS shipping, then of course I'll preprint a label out, and drop at work (but I still have to drop off to another driver, I can't put it into the system myself). But when it comes to USPS, it's not that easy for me to just "ship it" with my hours. If I'm in a crunch, I'll ask my wife to do it. But again, that's her cutting into her time to do something for me with my at home business.
  15. This only appears in the classifieds areaa. But if you look you'll see a green $ and a red $. Green is a good transaction, Red is a bad one. Please rate as you see it and don't just overdo it. Had a kid not like my posts on the ad he had, and started hitting the Red $ for a bad transaction. Well, since I never dealt with him for an item, I had to go through and delete all the ratings (since it affected my status and I didn't even buy from him). So only use it if you're the buyer or seller on the particular item.
  16. I guess I have an expectation in that I hope to be treated the same way I treat others. You're making it sound like everyone is running a business off a fly fishing forum. A couple hundred transactions a month vs some poor schmuck who's paid hard earned money for something he's been looking for for a long time, only to get stiffed?? If someone buys something from me, I make it a priority to have it out asap and to communicate. Paypal offers some protection to the buyer while a cashed check has none. You're right though ........ I have no job but tons of money, and I can do whatever I want all day long (where's the roll eye's smiley). Besides, you can't be that busy if you have time on a working week day to write out that long reply, probably enough time to get to the post office and back ;) I get your point though, we all have different schedules, priorities etc.
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  17. [​IMG]

    The dollar signs. Green = good. Red = bad.

    EDIT: Jerry beat me to it. Ahh well I gave you a visual to go along w/ his post!
  18. No, it's called vacation. ;) So yeah, have some to write out replies right now.

    And it's not always flyfishing, since I don't really do it as a business anymore. But I let soldiers buy through me at cost if they're in my (or were) PHWFF programs. Since I volunteer at a WTB, the soldiers either get reassigned to a unit or go home. So send care packages across the US (and the world who go back into active duty). Again, when I was doing it as a "for profit" business, I still was out a day or two. And NOWHERE did I claim or make it sound like everyone was running a flyfishing business online. BUT, a lot of us have busy schedules. Why we like face to face meetings to get gear dropped off (how I do most of my actual sales on here). I purposely try NOT to ship BECAUSE of my schedule. But have met a ton of great people off this board because we could hook up after hours. It's actually a bit nicer that way. But in your instance, it may be a BIT tough to just run and meet someone in Seattle lol.

    BTW, on my job I can do this (get online) during my lunch break. But I'm GPS tracked, running a package car owned by the company and burning their diesel to go mail a package NOT through my company would kinda tick them off. LOL.
  19. Yours is graphic, I like it.
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