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  1. just got a new elevation app on my Ipad,seems I'm sitting at 49 feet here at home in marysville. how accurate are these apps?
  2. Well I'm 4 into a great IPA... Lucille from Georgetown....I'm feeling high! perhaps a smidge higher than I should...Nachos please!
  3. I just got my kestrel pocket weather meter today in the mail and I'm at 1100 feet here in Yakavegas! These things are sweet!
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  4. 1197 here in Moses Lake.
  5. Last night...........pushing limits. Today........not so much.

    Go Sox,
  6. Had my cookie, feeling pretty light.
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  7. 160' in Yelm according to the Suunto.
  8. i cant even settle on a pun for this one.
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  9. I live at above 5000'. Most of my summer fishing is at 7000' or above.
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  10. HIgher than a kite at 7460 at the house says the Garmin.
  11. Scratch that. Garmin says 7360. I have an app call GPS kit on the iphone that says 7276. No idea which is right but they are close.
  12. According to the National Weather Service, the altitude here is 249 feet. There is a GPS function on my field camera and it indicates the same... so, either the GPS function on the camera is correct or it is linked to the National Weather Service :D
  13. Car GPS shows 392 feet.
  14. 322 feet, but . . . you may have seen a different answer had I viewed this thread last night after a day had gone to crap & I spent a few hours recovering in the tying room while sipping generous portions of whiskey (I think they were generous portions; either that or I experienced a significant evaporation event.).
  15. 6500' here in Eastern Arizona.
  16. 307 feet here. Just high enough to watch the tsunami after the big one hits.
  17. 180' with a high bluff and steep hill to the canal. Not high enough.
  18. 1002 feet in Wenatchee and 3000 exactly at the cabin.
  19. 840' in Wenatchee down by the armory!
  20. 300' SE of Oly.

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