How is the KLICK looking...

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by A Pedersen, May 31, 2013.

  1. A Pedersen

    A Pedersen New Member

    Thinking about head'n to the Klick in the morning, can anyone provide a bit of insight regarding river clarity?

  2. don't think its open however i could be wrong
  3. A Pedersen

    A Pedersen New Member

    Opens tomorrow...
  4. docstash

    docstash Member

    It is 1100cfs lower than last year at this time and just as clear as last year at this time. All rivers and Streams that open on the first Sat. in June open tomorrow the first Sat. in June and the Klickitat opens on the first of June usually anyway.
  5. David Dalan

    David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

    Go. I'm 99% likely to be there Sunday. Catching will probably be ass, but the flows look OK and there should be fishes about.
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  6. A Pedersen

    A Pedersen New Member

    Craig, what section of river are you referencing flows @ 1100 CFS? The gauge @ pit stated the river is flowing between 1950 & 2000 CFS.

  7. A Pedersen

    A Pedersen New Member

    Craig, i guess I need to Learn how to read better... LOl! Yes, the river is significantly lower than this time last year! I'm thinking it will be a beautiful day to swing a fly or two...

    Thanks for the info fella's!

  8. docstash

    docstash Member

    We were floating it the first of June at 3000 cfs. Wave trains just a bit higher and speed of decent just a bit faster. Not a big deal in Water Masters even is they are made in the last century.. Be floating a different river this weekend.
  9. Klickrolf

    Klickrolf Active Member

    Klickitat's in about the best shape imaginable, lower than usual for this time of year and steelhead green, great vis. Opens June 1 as noted above.
  10. Well im a tard
  11. Yard Sale

    Yard Sale Active Member

    You guys are full of it. Not only is it closed but its totally blown out. Worse yet a couple years ago the pike minnows learned that the Klick smolts taste the best and have pretty much wiped out the entire run.

    On a positive note I heard Drano is fishing well. I'd head over there....
  12. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    Hey Craig ,might head that way soon,ill swing by say hi....