How long after rotator surgery?

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  1. I would add some caveats to the advice above to be aggressive.
    1. Don't freelance on your exercises. There are some motions you should not be doing early on against resistance, so dont do stuff you have not been assigned in PT. You could do harm.
    2. There are some things you can press ahead on, but some of them are best to wait on until scheduled to start by your PT. This is because some things tighten up after surgery , and they will take time to loosen up, and until they do, you may be working against yourself with no gain.
    3. I experienced the second point in the following way: Some exercises were scheduled on a "standard" schedule, and some were just hard. Later the surgeon told me that certain things take longer to loosen up at my age, so it made sense that the exercises in question were "just hard". In this regard, whatever you can do to get an individualized PT program, as suggested above, is a good idea.
    As for outcomes, I am talking about a knee surgery, and both legs are now stronger, better stretched, and have better balance than before the injury or surgery, because I learned so much through the recovery and PT, and incorporate it in (now) regular workouts.

    good luck.

  2. I have had both shoulders done. First shoulder I started rehab six weeks after the surgery. Once I was doing weight training in rehab I started back fishing with a light switch rod and progressed to my 15' Loomis 8/9. Second shoulder was a total rebuild using cadaver parts and extensive surgery to repair another surgeons screw ups. At six weeks my surgeon told me to just start using it gradually no weight. At eight weeks he told me to start using in it normally and if what I was doing hurt to back off. But to build it up gradually with light exercise. He is a fly guy so he told me to just use a light rod. I started with a trip down to the holy land to fish the Provo with my 3/4 weight and my grand son. That worked well so I moved up to my six weight switch, Now seven months later I am back at it with my 15' Loomis. Fished with my surgeon last week and he said to do anything I want. I feel really fortunate.

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  3. Oh forgot I am 73 so no youngster.
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  4. Today was the last Dr and PT visit. I was cleared to fish so I went to Dry Falls for three days of fishing before this last visit. Doc said this was a major tear that some people never get back full range of motion. I may not get full range and I never could cast very well, but I am fishing again.
    I was able to cast a indicator and get some fish even in the damn wind. Not pretty, but I was able to find and net enough to give it a good test.
    I prefer to fish vertical with a sinking line so not much casting with that, but it does not always catch fish and other techniques like long lining or indicator fishing need to be used.
    Anyway it taken 7 months from the injury to today to not have to depend on the Dr or PT visits anymore. More exercise on my own to maximize the range of motion.
    Just in time for fishing season.

  5. Mark, let me know when you want to meet up at Rattlesnake. Glad to hear you are out and about.

  6. Welcome back! I've been there. Don't overdo it and maybe work on casting with the other arm to distribute the load.

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  7. Take the advise seriously.

    I did not have the surgery, but my hunting dog did.

    Tried to keep her "in-active" for a couple of months!!

    She had the surgery at 10 and hunted for a couple more years without any problems.

    It was worth it the surgery!!! Got my dog back for a couple of years.

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